Friday, March 29, 2013

God Gave Us Easter Book Review

A sweet story of a little bear cub and her family, preparing to celebrate Easter. The Papa bear explains how Easter is even better then Christmas, because Easter is the remembrance that we get to be with Jesus forever. Papa Bear puts the story of Easter into a children's perspective, using the metaphors of a tree that fell down and in place of it, grew little trees from the pine cones, and a river that turns into an ocean. He explains how an egg is the symbol for the tomb Jesus was in, that, like the shell of an egg, the tomb cracked open and Jesus rose from the dead, that Jesus is life itself. The story also talks about God's promise of the rainbow, to never send another flood. Scriptures from the Bible are put into words and a cute story to allow kids to gain a better understanding in what God has done for us. As always, I love the beautiful art in the "God Gave Us.." books, especially the dying of the Easter eggs in this one :) Cute book for kids, and a great gift idea for Easter baskets! 

Hope you and your family are preparing a wonderful Easter weekend together.  Be sure to take time to enjoy this special event with fabulous food and quality family time.

Read on and read always.

Book rating system:  8  (Fantastic)
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