Thursday, September 15, 2016

Big Rigs on the Go - a bookwrap

These powerful big rigs zoom down the highway with a mission in deliver goods to their destinations on time!   Yes, these monster trucks are huge,  oftentimes noisy and always packed full of everything a consumer needs to sustain life.  Kids especially love when you pass them on the highway, make an arm signal and these giants respond with a loud horn blast that delights both the kids and adults too.  


"Big Rigs on the Go"
Created by Anne J. Spaight
Ages 3-7

Unwrapping some terrific illustrations for you....

About the book...

This informative book introduces these magnificent, motorized workhorses in all their full glory.  The author highlights the big rigs themselves, breaks them down into specific parts (trailer/tractor), offers a picture glossary, an index and finally suggestions where you can read more about these powerful beasts of burden.

"A big rig is a big truck.
It carries goods across the country."

Thus begins the unveiling of these big beautiful trucks.  Throughout the book questions are posed to the reader for them ponder and discuss. 

"What kinds of goods might a trailer hold?"
"Why do you think drivers go to truck driving school?"
"Why might some cabs have beds?"...   Just to point out a few. 

 Factual information is presented in a fun and lighthearted way which I am sure kids will comprehend no problem at all.

"A big rig is as heavy as seven elephants.
It is as long as two school buses."

The illustrations are crisp, colourful and enrich the text on every page.   I like the fact that the pages are not cluttered thus making the author's narrative very clear for the reader to visually see and absorb.  Labelling  is also a wonderful addition to the illustrations enhancing word recognition and vocabulary building. I highly recommend this book.

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