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Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas - a bookwrap

Who is Fred Pinsocket?

"Fred is a little spaceman who's on a quest for bananas," says Peter Apel, an inspired California musician who has created an adorable  character who loves to sing while cruising in his spaceship filled with bananas.  This wonderful little board board, perfect for small hands to manipulate, will instill a taste for bananas and bring many smiles to their faces as they read the book again and again.  The book is written in rhyme and you are able to download a free song related to the book's theme @ book.

Unwrapping the illustrations also created by Peter Apel...

Unwrapping in rhyme...

Heard of Fred Pinsocket?
Who the heck's he?
A happy, dude spaceman
Who sings merrily.

He loves eating bananas,
Can't get enough
Adores munching them always,
They're really good stuff!

Peels them and gobbles,
He eats up his fill,
Scarfing them down
With his cool spaceman skill.

Fiber, potassium...
Boy they taste yummy,
More please, please more
Top up my tummy!

He zooms down to earth,
And cleans out a store!
His rocket he crams...
Can't close the door!

There's bananas all over
Way too many to count ...
Are they out of control?
No, the perfect amount!

This is a fun, charming little book has a very positive message and will have you singing along endorsing both bananas and happiness.  

About the author:

As a singer-songwriter and magician, Peter presents special programs for libraries, preschools, elementary schools, fundraisers, birthdays, and other events. Each performance can be tailored to the age and theme of the program as well as the size of the venue, and each performance includes Peter's special blend of music, magic, and humor delivered with unique care and respect for the kids. For a preschool circle time, additional movement songs such as "Walking in a Circle" or "Big Locomotive" may become part of the program (where room space permits), or Peter may read (or sing) original stories to the kids in his fun and engaging style. For larger groups and concerts, Peter warms up kids' and caregivers' vocal chords (sort of) and leads them in singing songs together.  In all cases, there is a little something to learn (example: "Peacocks Don't Lay Eggs"),  and you'll experience the magic that results when enthusiastic young voices join in laughter and song. 

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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