Friday, October 12, 2007

A quick up-date on shop happenings....

Books are arriving in boxes and flying off the shelves daily. People are discovering a quaint little bookshop in downtown Streetsville located at 223 Queen St. S. and experiencing quality products, knowledgable staff, and easy access to a literacy community involving their most precious commodity....their kids. We pride ourselves in stocking classic storybooks for children ages 0-8. Our books are a great value and we as educators are there to give support for the best choice of books for your child. Our customers leave our shop with customized, quality stories all bagged to perfection as they give the gift of reading at baptisms, birthdays, and other occasions in a child's life. Our mission is to teach the value of reading and encourage parents to get involved in our seminars so their children can become successful, lifelong readers. As relationships are developed we are blessed to have satisfied returning customers who love to promote what we do and become excited about what their children can become. Please, come experience Baby Bookworms and be part of an ever growing community of loving, caring parents, teachers, librarians and grandparents who want to give their kids the very best.

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