Monday, June 16, 2008

Exciting read for the summer

Drop by our shop and we will personally help you choose age-appropriate books for all your children to enjoy this summer. Pack books in backpacks, baskets, bins, everywhere to encourage and inspire them to keep on reading once school is out. Never let the word "bored" cross their lips. Plan ahead to hide books for them to find - books to be tucked under pillows, in treehouses, in backyard tents everywhere for them to enjoy. Also purchase flashlights and twinkle lights for those hot, hazy summer evenings when you can curl up outside for that goodnight story. Be creative and find books about ice cream, vacations, photo taking, camping, bugs, anything that is related to the summer theme for them to read. Sharing books with family and friends over the hot summer months will keep that reading agenda going forward. Book are to be read and re-read and shared from the heart. Happy summer reading.

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