Thursday, September 4, 2008

The stress of going back to school

Yes, children feel the anxiety and stress of returning back to school! New classroom, new friends, new, new, new. Trying to get back into a normal routine (whatever that is!) takes some time and organization. Be there for your child. When they go out to school in the morning re-assure them that all is well, upon their return take time to sit down and let them download their day. At work? Have them call you for a short visit on the phone if you are able. Be sure to use positive and encouraging words to downplay any negative experiences and stressfilled episodes that occured during their day. Tell them that you love them!

Make sure they are eating well - going out with a hearty breakfast and their lunches packed full of nutricious food and snacks is extremely important to their overall good health. It is always wise to include a bottle of water for them to drink as not always do they get a chance to go to the water fountainat school nor do they even think that they need to drink fresh water every day.

Lastly, and most important, make bedtime at an age-appropriate time. Their days are busy and hectic and little people who are growing need ample time to rest and sleep. After homework completion (supervised by mom or dad), a healthy snack, a comforting bath or shower, take time to read to your child. There is nothing more settling and loving than to be tucked into bed by someone you love and a story being read to you. That quality time with a familiar voice and hug can truly enrich a child's sleep and give them the assurance that all is well with their world. Children love stories and discussions and the warmth and protection of a loving arm to snuggle into. We all want the best for our kids and nothing beats time spent with is priceless! Read to your bunnies tonight, tuck them in with a kiss and a prayer and turn off the light. Sweet dreams little one!

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