Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aaachhoooo! Allergy season is upon us....

"The worst thing about new books is that they keep me from reading the old ones."
                                       ~Jorge Luis Borges

Allergies are upon so many of us with summer finally being here.  Millions of people suffer from allergies, need to be tested, and issued medication to keep things under control.  Ken Nesbitt has written a funny poem that you might want to pass on to your kids if they suffer from any types of allergies and need to have a little smile.

Alex's Allergy

Alex had an allergy
that no one could explain.
It made him wheeze and cough and sneeze
and moan and groan in pain.

A single slight exposure,
and he'd start to squawk and squeal.
A second time ensured
that he'd be barking like a seal.

He'd salivate and slobber
as his nose began to twitch.
He'd squirm and say his body felt
like one gigantic itch.

At last they found the cause,
which Alex thought was pretty cool.
So now he stays at home;
he is allergic to his school.

  --Kenn Nesbitt

Found these and thought they may give you a smile today.


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