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Dragons Love Tacos - a book review

"The stories of childhood leave an indelible impression, and their author always has a niche in the temple of memory from which the image is never cast out to be thrown on the rubbish heap of things that are outgrown and outlived."
                      ~Howard Pyle

Title: Dragons Love Tacos
Author:  Adam Rubin
Illustrator:  Daniel Salmieri
Ages:  3-5

New York Times Bestseller and collaborators on the book "Those Darn Squirrels"

Everyone loves a good party don't they?  Everyone loves tacos right?  Well put a great party together with tons of scrumptious tacos and the dragons will come out of their taco caves in droves to attend.  This hilarious book puts a new spin on why there are fire-breathing dragons.  The book begins by a random narrator saying, "Hey kid!  Did you know that dragons love tacos?  They love beef tacos and chicken tacos.  They love really big gigantic tacos and tiny little baby tacos as well."  He explains that they will eat buckets and boatloads of tacos but the strange thing is you cannot serve salsa on the side. Why?  Dragons hate salsa because salsa ignites the fireworks inside of them.  If dragons ingest the stuff  you had better step way back because a mighty heated explosion may occur.  "Just one single speck of hot pepper makes a dragon snort sparks."

So when the boy and his dog finally throw a taco party he remembers: "Dragons hate spicy salsa.  Before you host your taco party with dragons, get rid of all the spicy salsa. In fact, bury the spicy salsa in the backyard so dragons can't find it."  Very, very good advice for sure considering what the consequences may be.  The boy did have one bottle of mild salsa but did not read the fine print on the bottle and guess who got into that bottle?  You guessed it- instant fireworks - and then - all "fire" breaks loose.  The over-the-top drama the ensues will keep your child in stitches and longing to try out a pile of tacos himself.

The illustrations are bright, funny and expressive.  They fit perfectly with the storyline. The whole book is silly, witty and imaginative and sure to be a winner in your household.  Spice up your reading time with a little dose of "Dragons Love Tacos" today.

About the author:

My name is Adam Rubin—I'm a good writer with bad penmanship.
During the day I work as Creative Director at a New York City ad agency called Firstborn. My favorite project so far is about a 90-year-old lady who jumped out of an airplane.
Before I moved back to New York, I spent six years in Chicago making nifty ads for Leo Burnett and Groupon and playing around at The Annoyance Theater for fun.
At night I write stories for children. Dragons Love Tacos was a national bestseller but people seem to like the Those Darn Squirrels trilogy as well.
In my spare time, I share links on tumblr, practice brevity viatwitter and maintain a delicate facade of professionalism over atlinkedin.
If you find occasion, please send me an email. In the meantime, feel free to watch me do a flying somersaultfall off a roof or peruse the photo journal from my alpine motorcycle adventure.
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About the Illustrator:

About Daniel

Daniel Salmieri is an artist and illustrator from Brooklyn NY.

                                  Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)

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