Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pesky Mouse.....Better run!

Hi everyone.  Nice you dropped in for a visit with me today.  Today I am going to take you on a trip down memory lane with two characters that you may already be familiar with.  Do you remember those Saturday mornings when cartoons were blasting from the t.v. set and on came the infamous duo, Tom and Jerry?   A cat and mouse that kept the action going and were pure entertainment.  Their slapstick comedy antics kept you roaring hysterically and rolling on the floor.   My book choice today, I am happy to report, are bringing these two friends back into the limelight for a whole new generation to discover and enjoy.  First though, here is the answer to yesterday's book excerpt....

                          " The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" by Barbara Robinson

Today's quote for you to puzzle over is....

    "It certainly seemed like it was going to another normal evening at Amelia Bedilia's house."

Title: There's A Mouse Hiding In This Book!

Author: Benjamin Bird

Illustrator:  Carmen Pérez

A peek inside.....

About the book:

"Look. That no-good mouse Jerry is ruining my book."  Come on, help me catch him."  That invitation is a call to action to anyone reading the book.  The messy, wet, blue paint footprints left by Jerry, the mouse is ruining Tom's book and ruining his fen shway. This hysterically funny book will have kids engaged in the capture of the pesky rodent and have them wanting more and more.  The colourful word bubbles are filled with instructions to aid the kids in the tracking and apprehension of the little mouse: count to three and turn the page as fast as you can, shut your eyes and listen closely, turn the page slowly, shake the book, blow on the page and so on.  The concept is simple and the illustrations are packed full of antics and expressions that will certainly appeal to the young readers.  This interactive book has a wonderful surprise on each page and is perfect for story time.

This book is part of a series.  The previous books are:

*A Cat Is Chasing Me Through This Book
*Don't Give This Book A Bowl Of Milk
*This Book Is Not A Piece Of Cheese!

                                                    Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)

                                 Read on and read always!  Have a wonderful day everyone.

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