Friday, May 30, 2014

The Cloud Spinner - a wonderful book for you today

Hi everyone!  Hope your day/night is going well and you are looking forward to the book I have for you today.  First, though, let me give you the answer to yesterday's book quote:

                                            "The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle"

I will have a brand-new one for you for Monday so be prepared.  I hope you are enjoying the book challenge and I must admit I struggle with some of them myself.  Nice to be the "teacher" because I have the answers. :)

Today's book is delightful and I am sure you will like it a lot.

Title:  The Cloud Spinner
Author:  Michael Catchpool
Illustrator: Alison Jay

Here's a peek inside:

My take:  by the way is very good.....

I loved this book.  The illustrations are very vintage and the colour pallet perfect for a story with a fairytale flavour.  A little boy, with a special gift, can weave clouds ... the morning colours of gold, the mid-day colours of white and the evening colours of crimson into a magical cloth.  His mom taught him to be frugal and only use what he needs and not one titch more.  The little boy obeys and creates a hat and a scarf made of the softest material to shelter him from the elements.  

The king comes through his village one day and spots the little boy's scarf.  He is smitten with the quality and uniqueness of the cloth and orders the little boy to make him a similar one but much bigger and longer because after all, he was the king.  The little boy warns the king of being excessive and demanding more than he should. "It would not be wise, the boy protests." "Your majesty does not need them."  But the king will have none of it and orders the little peasant to do his bidding. 

 The king adores his new apparel and then demands the boy make a dress for his queen and one for his daughter.  Reluctantly and sadly the little boy obeys knowing the consequences will be devastating to his village.   Such greed and selfishness on the monarch's part causes the clouds to disappear from the sky and a huge drought overshadows the land making the commoners unable to grow their food or get any water at all .  Two children (one being the little boy himself),  takes it upon themselves to step up and find a solution to this huge problem plaguing the kingdom and the solution is just in time,  bringing order and peace back into their world.  

About the author:

Michael Catchpool was formerly a primary school headteacher, and is now curriculum advisor on English and Drama for Hertfordshire LEA. He is married with two young children, and currently lives in Royston. He has previously written picture books for Little Tiger Press and Gullane.

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  Yes, tomorrows the weekend. I hope you have some very special things planned to do with family and friends.  See you back here tomorrow.  Have an amazing day everyone!

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