Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Mysterious Trespasser....Oh my

Welcome aboard the Storywrap Blog today.  Glad you are here for a visit with me.  First order of the day is the answer to yesterday's book excerpt.  The answer is....

                                        "Babar the Little Elephant" by Jean de Brunoff

Today's book quote is:

                                            "Martha was very fond of making split pea soup."

Today's featured book is:

Title:  Pooky Ate My Sneakers and Stole My Jeans
Author: Maria Psanis
Illustrator:  Demetra Bakogiorgas

About the book:

Everyone loves a good mystery.  Who did it?  Why did they do it?  How do I solve the crime and what do you do with the culprit if indeed you do apprehend him?  This is one of those books that will have you guessing and Sasha, a brave hearted tomboy, is just the detective to solve the case.

Sasha, after a long day playing soccer, comes back home hot, tired and thirsty.  She decides the perfect remedy for her is to go into her room, crawl up on her bed and read a good book.  She disrobes because of the heat, snuggles down on her bed and reaches for her book....which has mysteriously disappeared.  She finds this very odd because she was sure she had left it on her pillow as usual. She discovers her book in tatters, her jeans are missing and her best sneakers have been chewed.  She rushes out and gets her family involved in the baffling enigma.  Could there be an intruder in the house?  What could possibly be in her room and causing all this chaos and destruction to her personal belongings?  Finally the home crasher is discovered and Sasha, who always loves a challenge, with a friendly, loving and forgiving spirit embraces the unwelcome guest and wants to keep it.  Mom firmly puts her foot down, denies the request and orders Sasha to release the encroacher back into the wild where it belongs.  You will love the story and the whole family's effort to solve the crime together.  

About the author and illustrator:

MARIA PSANIS is a Clinical Psychotherapist in private practice in Simsbury, Connecticut. She has authored eleven collections of poetry and one novel. This is the Fourth story in the Sasha series. DEMETRA BAKOGIORGAS is the illustrator of Sasha’s series. She has illustrated six other books and her art work has appeared at Freight Street Gallery in Waterbury, Connecticut. She was a finalist for The Eric Hoffer Book Award-The da Vinci Eye.

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  Have a great day.

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