Monday, September 1, 2014

Never to be forgotten.....

The Wind and The Moon

Said the Wind to the Moon, "I will blow you out!"
You stare 
In the air
As if Crying "Beware,"
Always looking what I am about;
I hate to be watched;
I will blow you out."

Quotes for you:

"A photograph can be as haunting as a great painting or a fine poem."  - Anonymous

"Photography was once described as painting with light." - Anonymous

"You know what a camera is? A mirror with memory." - Anonymous

Today's featured book:

Title:  Alphabetabum: An Album of rare and Photographs and Medium Verses
Creators:  Valdimir Radunsky and Chris Raschka

Ages:  5-7
Release date:  October 4, 2014

Let's draw back the curtain of time and take a peek shall we?

My take on the book:

Have you ever been strolling around antique shops, flea markets, or a remote farmhouse auction and stumble across a big box of antiquated photos of children and adults staring soberly up at you pleading you to give them a loving home?  The black and whites are nameless and anonymous but once they were part of a family and belonged....but now they are just images on a piece of paper ready to be sold to the highest bidder.  Most people turn away and dismiss them as irrelevant now in this day and age of digital but Vladimir Radunsky opened up his heart and adopted them, giving them life and significance once again.  These stilted, frozen in time people from another era, dressed in their picture-taking best, were then named and re-instated by the talent of Chris Raschka. His imagination took these images and each were highlighted by an alphabet poem to suit their names and personalities.

People back in that day had their pictures taken infrequently and only on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or long-separtations etc.  Prints were costly and were made by hand.  Whole families would go to the photographer's studio, where the subjects posed against rich backdrops which were painted in oils.  Everyone was expected to look perfect and wearing your best clothing was a must.

These selected photos are over a hundred years old so they very likely could be someone's great-great-great-grandparents.  Important pictures were sometimes lost, sold by the photographer or just thrown away by the families. I really liked the book.  It made me stop and re-evaluate the importance of my own personal photo collection.  In a hundred years I hope they will still be within my family so they can have an important part of our familiar history.

About the creator:

Vladimir Radunsky, when not creating award-winning children's books such as What Does Peace Feel Like?, the best-selling The Maestro Plays, and the New York Times Best Illustrated Book Mighty Asparagus, refills his soul with the sounds of Bach, Chopin and Snoop Dogg.

About the creator:

  1. Chris Raschka is an American illustrator, writer, and violist. He contributed to children's literature as a children's illustrator. He was U.S. nominee for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 2012. Yo! Wikipedia
  2. BornMarch 6, 1959 (age 55), Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States

  3. Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

    Read on and read always!  Have an excellent day everyone.

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