Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best Holiday Ever - a bookwrap

Good day every one.  Happy to have our guest blogger, Natalie Finnigan review for us today.  Unwrapping....

Authored by Celia and Orison Carlile  

Unwrapping a little peek....

In the world of Indie Authors, book reviews are like gold dust...something to be begged, borrowed and swapped for. It's a habit I've never wanted to get into. Admittedly, my books have less reviews than some, but I hope they are honest. It's hard doing book reviews. If you don't like it, you're very aware that someone has slaved hours over this creation that you think is average...or worse. So you (if you're a kinder type of reviewer) may write a few banal sentences about how nice the book is - your lack of enthusiasm showing in every word. Luckily, while reviewing some average and (quite frankly) less than average books, I also get the pleasure of stumbling across some Indie authors who write beautifully. Exciting books that transport me, rhyming books that roll along with delightful illustrations, adventure books that make me long for more, but, until now, I haven't particularly read many books that have made me laugh out loud...especially one that made me laugh out loud while sitting in a hospital canteen at work after a very stressful morning...until earlier this week.

I freely admit, that I started the book with the attitude of a chore that must be done, but it was better than going back to work 5 minutes early. (I hadn't had a great morning and had decided to break for lunch before I started breaking the furniture, my phone, or one of my poor hapless work colleagues!) So, sitting there on my own in the middle of a crowded canteen, I turned on my Kindle app and started to read. By the third page I was smiling, by page 5 I had let out a small giggle and by the end of the book I was openly laughing (despite a few strange looks!) And the was produced by Celia Carlile and Orison Carlile. Entitled "Best Holiday Ever" it presents the view of the family holiday from the point of the eldest child...while the illustrations tell a completely different story. The boy describing Dad having a race with a fish shows the poor father desperately swimming away from a shark, there was souvenir medicine from a sight seeing tour of the local hospital and mum just simply loved the bathroom and spent a lot of time in there. (I'll share no more for risk of ruining too much of this very clever story. Promoted as for 6-8 year olds, I'd be tempted to promote it as a must read book for worn out parents that could do with a giggle over story time. A light, well illustrated and thoroughly amusing book. 

Natalie Finnigan was born in Suffolk, England and re-discovered her love for writing rhymes after the birth of her son, Alex, in 2010. Now writing the Alex, Dragon & Spider series, Natalie has also written some Bespoke rhyming story books.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap!

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