Thursday, June 25, 2015

Zar and the Broken Spaceship - a bookwrap

Zar needs help. He's flagging us down because his spaceship crashed and he needs help repairing it...are we up for the challenge?


Story by Dinosaur O'Dell

Illustrated by Santiago Germano

Unwrapping some illustrations...

About the book...

     This fun book will be published on World UFO Day, July 2, 2015.  "Zara and the Broken Spaceship" is the storybook version of a new song and music video "Zar," which will debut this spring.


     Three friends are walking together through the park when they hear a very strange, unfamiliar sound.  They spot and identify the sound as "a spaceship" " a UFO"  "a flying saucer."  Oh my!  It starts making a strange noise and then crashes.  The boys rush to the crash site and discover a green guy climbing out of the ship.  He in turn observes the boys and then starts to talk in his alien language..."Zig-a-bob loop loop."  Luckily one friend has studied space alien in school and becomes the translator.

     The alien explains he comes from another star and is in big trouble because his spaceship needs repairs for him to get airborne once again.  This is where the book gets really fun and entertaining!  The alien asks the boys to perform some instructions which will kick-start his machine and get him going again.  Your child will step into these roles and have a blast interacting with the book to help out the poor stranded alien.  

     They are asked to push a button with their finger, foot, elbow, knee, nose, bottom, and tongue and then to repeat the actions faster and faster until.....yes!!!!.....the spaceship is rebooted and hurray!!! .... we have liftoff.   The polite alien uses his manners, thanks the boys and happily waves good-bye, or in his own words, "Jamjam."

The pictures are fun and kid-friendly and so is the message of the book. At the end of the book the author has included a "Beginner's Space Alien Glossary" which lists all the alien's words and their translation.   I highly recommend it for your child.

About the author...

     O'Dell has a deep and abiding interest in anything to do with space, UFOs, and life on other planets.  Whether he is counting monsters, fixing spaceships or swimming in peanut butter, Dino engages his audience and enjoys the resulting laughter and sparks of imagination that result.  "Zara" is a familiar character at O'Dell's performances.  He's a friendly alien who enjoys relating to kids on planet Earth.  This is the first in a planned series of "Zar" books.  A new original "Zar" song and animated music video will also launch in early May, and O'Dell plans a summer library and festival tour to promote his releases.  

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