Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Saturday morning - a reading tip

School will be starting in a few weeks and I periodically want to give you tips to help you with your little one's reading skills.  Today's tip is how to conduct a 5 Finger Reading Test to discern if a book is suitable for your child's reading ability.

You say to your child, "You have five fingers.  Wiggle them.

Then you open his book to the middle - to any page.

Start reading the book out loud to me sweetie.  When you come to a word you don't know that's ok.  Hold up one finger for that word.  Not to worry hon, I will give you the word.  

If you come to any other words you don't know, hold up one finger for each word.  Stop at the end of the page."

Now you can explain that he will know if it's a just right book because of how many fingers he is holding up.

 * 0 fingers is an easy-peasy book

* 1-5 fingers is a just-right book

* More than 5 fingers is a challenge book

Here's a reading list for 6-7 year olds that you may want to check out...

2nd Grade Summer Reading List

If you like funny books, you'll love: • Bad Kitty
Mr. Pants
Mal and Chad

Captain Underpants
Lulu and the Brontosaurus
Misadventures of Salem Hyde Mercy Watson
Frannie K. Stein

If you like mythical creatures, you'll love:
My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
Beasts of Olympus

Echo and the Bat Pack
Never Girls
Dragon Slayer's Academy Rainbow Magic Fairies

If you like adventure stories, you'll love: • Zita the Spacegirl
Magic Tree House
Three-Ring Rascals

Galaxy Zack
Recipe for Adventure

If you like mysteries, you'll love:
The Haunted Library
The Whodunit Detective Agency A to Z Mysteries
Ballpark Mysteries
Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye Cam Jansen

If you love realistic stories, you'll like: • Sparkle Spa
Rainbow Street Shelter
Zeke Meeks
Marty McGuire Keena Ford
Calvin Coconut Stink

Ivy and Bean
Guinea Dog
The Year of Billy Miller

Keep your kids learning all summer with this free Brain Camp summer learning printable. ( ummer-printable-for-kids/) 

Remember to make reading exciting, fun and natural.  Read the signs around the neighbourhood, words around your home (such as cereal boxes, the newspaper you are reading, the words on your remote....anything that your child comes in contact with that inhabits his environment...that's reading too!)  Don't make a big fuss if he cannot read a word,  just smile and give it to him, no stress or awkwardness or teacher antics.  Have fun with words and play with your language.  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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