Monday, August 10, 2015

Piglet Bo Can Do Anything! - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes for you...

"If you think you can do it, you can."
-John Burroughs

"Be magnificent.  Life's short. Get out there. You can do it. Everyone can do it. Everyone."
-Andy Serkis

Unwrapping today's book...

Authored by Geert De Kockere

Illustrated by Tineke Van Hemeldonck

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

I'd like you to meet Bo, a loveable, confident, risk-taking piglet that thinks he can do anything.  He aspires to walk on water, blow down a forest, and walks down a very long pier, looks out into the vast sea and steps off .... relying on faith to keep him safe and buoyant.  Will he be able to accomplish all that sets out to do?  Is the sky the limit for Bo? 

Piglet is not alone on his journey and as fate has it- a whale, a pigeon, and a bull- are right there at the precise time he needs them to help him accomplish his daring acts of bravery.  Piglet has no fear and no boundaries with his adventurous spirit ready to take on the world.  

The book is written in simple, light-hearted language and the illustrator augments and enriches the text so brilliantly with her mixed-media creations. A fun feature is finding the lucky four-leaf clover on each page!  Kids will loves that. I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Geerk Kockre (1962) is a journalist.  He has worked for De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad numerous young magazines for Man bites dog, which he brought into the picture of nature with us.  In 1989 he published his first collection of children's poems.  Since then he has made more than 75 books for children and youth, and non-fiction for adults.  In 2011 Helena, his first novel for adults was  published.  

About the illustrator...

Tineke Van Hemeldonck studies graphic design, specializing in illustration, at Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt.  She has done all kinds of graphic design work. She currently resides in Bunsbeek, Belgium.

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