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Virgil and Owen Stick Together - a bookwrap

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Authored and Illustrated by Paulette Bogan

Ages 2-5

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About the book...

Can a laid-back, meditative polar bear and a spirited, pushy penguin with a completely different personality type become really close friends?  This amazing tale tells you not only can it be done but is done by the duo and they both learn what true friendship is all about with a dose of acceptance and forgiveness sprinkled on top... a perfect recipe for being BFFs forever.

Virgil the penguin likes life in the fast lane.  He wants to get things done, be first to compete and complete, and takes over his friend's actions, words and thoughts because Owen the polar bear is just too darn pokey.  Owen, on the other hand, is slow to think and act.  He is reflective, and goes through life in slow motion. He enjoys stopping, smelling, observing and contemplating about the roses along the way.  

Tension builds up in Owen as Virgil snatches away those quiet musing moments in the polar bear's life: like finishing Owen's  name he is writing in the snow,  like grabbing his sandwich and scarfing it down because Owen is eating it too slowly and by delivering the punchline of a great story that Owen is narrating to his friends, just to name a few. Virgil constantly interrupts, intervenes and seizes Owen's way of doing things. 

There is only so much disruption that a patient, slower-paced polar bear can tolerate and finally he reaches his boiling point. A small "grrrr" turns into a huge "RROOAARR" that erupts and sends Virgil literally flying through the air and into a deep pile of snow.  Oh my! 

Can their friendship be restored?  Has Owen overstepped his boundaries and lost a friend forever?  Will reconciliation reign once again between the two?

This book will remind readers that we are all unique and we all need to be tolerant, accepting and appreciate each other's idiosyncrasies.  We must learn to celebrate our individualities.  Sometimes disagreements do occur and the book shows us that we can work through these situations and build an even stronger friendship bond if we do.

About the author...

Paulette Bogan had her first "artistic experience" during a family outbreak of Chicken pox. Paulette's mother encouraged her to paint a mural on the playroom wall!

For Paulette this was the start of her artistic career. Now Paulette is the author and illustrator of many beloved books for children including Spike, Goodnight Lulu, Lulu the Big Little Chick, Chicks and Salsa, and Buffalo Wings (the last two written by Aaron Reynolds) Lulu the Big Little Chick won the Children's Choice Book Award in May of 2010 for Kindergarten to Second Grade Book of the Year. Chicks and Salsa is featured on the PBS Children's Show, Between the Lions! Many of her stories are inspired by her three delightful daughters, and some of them by her dogs.

Her most recent books feature the friendship of a penguin and a polar bear, Virgil and Owen, and are now available from Bloomsbury!

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