Friday, September 30, 2016

Go to Sleep Mom! - a bookwrap

Kudos to all the moms out there who multitask always and accomplish so many things throughout their hectic day and long into their nights.   The idiom is true, "A woman's work is never done" ...


"Go to Sleep Mom!"

Created by Mary Eakin

Ages 1+

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at...

About the book...

This sweet book is about a little boy who loves his mom very much and wants to take care of her.  She tucks him lovingly into his bed after supervising all his pre-bed activities.  After she leaves and the lights are out he hears strange noises which peek his curiosity.  What in the world could be making all these sounds?  He quietly gets out of bed to find the source and in so doing discovers his mom is still busy... she's vacuuming and looks very tired.  Not wanting to be discovered he stealthily creeps across the floor and finds a handwritten list of all the things his poor mom has to accomplish before bedtime becomes her reality. Oh gracious what can he do?

The little guy gets very concerned at the length and arduousness of  all the things on the list that his mom has to achieve pre-bedtime.  He's even worried that if she doesn't get to bed soon she may turn into a zombie. Oh my nooooo!

He takes it upon himself to help her out and lighten her load.  He packs the lunches (nutrition not being one of his strengths), does the dishes (in a very untraditional way), the laundry is up next and then he baths the babies (plus the dog) altogether in a spray of bubbles in the tub. The list depleted, the chores finally done, he bestows the ultimate act of kindness on his beloved mom.

She graciously accepts his offer and grinning from ear to ear terminates her busy night.

A charming story about unconditional concern and love from a little boy's heart to his mother's weary one.  I love the grace that his mother dispensed to her son as she accepted his heartwarming gifts  of care towards her.  I highly recommend this book.  

About the author...

Mary Eakin is a graduate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. For over 14 years she worked as a graphic designer for companies across the U.S. including Hallmark’s Gift Book division. While there, she designed over a hundred books, including the award winning "Jingle the Husky Pup" series. Mary has also designed work for Disney, Dr. Seuss, Gillette, Dunkin' Donuts, Mr. Rogers, Rudolph and many others. 

Mary recently moved to Bethesda, Maryland with her husband and two small children. When she is not working as a freelance designer/illustrator and creating her own books, she is inspired by traveling, reading, eating good food and playing with her energetic kids. 

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