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Baboushka A Christmas Tale - a bookwrap

For fans of Patricia Polacco and Tomie DePaola comes a beautifully illustrated rendition of Russia's move belo ed holiday folktale- the story of Babushka.


"Babushka A Christmas Tale"

authored by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Amanda Hall

Ages 4-8

Unwrapping some beautiful illustrations for you...

About the book...

An elderly old woman lives in a small cottage and is obsessed with cleaning and cooking and being busy all her days.  Her children and grandchildren are long gone so she devotes herself to the upkeep of her modest home.

One day a knock comes to her door and who should want entry but three elegant wisemen.  They are on a quest to find the newborn king, the Prince of Peace, The Light of Love. They are following a bright star in the heavenliness who they know will lead them to their destination.  The kind old woman invites them in and gives them shelter and food.

"Come in, come in!" said Babushka. "Come, warm yourselves by the fire.  Only, please, do wipe your feet."

They in turn invite her to come with them and bring gifts to welcome the newborn babe whose name is Jesus.

Babushka politely declines their friendly offer wanting to do the dishes and clean up after her visitors. After everything once again is spotless she is very tired and heads off to bed.  

"That night Babushka had a dream.  She dreamed of soft hay and gentle breath; a mother's warm arms and quiet smile.  She dreams of a boy, with eyes dark and bright as the starry night."

Babushka is lead in her heart to go on her own and seek out that special baby boy the next day.  She fills her basket full of warm articles of clothing that she has knit and adds yummy food and toys to offer the  Christ child.

Once outside she cannot find the footprints of the three wisemen nor the luminous star that is guiding them to the little baby.  Ever determined she continues on her journey and encounters a little girl who is shivering cold and Babushka offers her a warm shawl to wrap up in.  She then runs across a little boy who is very hungry and she fills up his tummy with some of the food from her basket.  Will Babushka find the little baby and give him all the wonderful things in her basket or does has God have another plan for her life?  Maybe, just maybe, she will be His hands and feet and He will use her to bring comfort and joy to those in need around her.

The illustrations are beautifully done and the colour pallet perfect.  The message is positive and rings with "Glad tidings of great joy"... Hark children!!! ... Babushka has left you a gift in honour of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was born on Christmas Day!  I highly, highly recommend this wonderful book!  

About the author...

Dawn Casey has always had a passion for traditional tales, which she feels are vital nourishment for children. In addition to writing, Dawn has worked in publishing and as a primary school teacher. She believes that passing on these stories is a great privilege, as well as a great pleasure.

Dawn lives in East Sussex, England with her husband and daughter.
The Great Race is her first project with Barefoot Books.

About the illustrator...

Amanda Hall is an award-winning illustrator, particularly renowned for her wonderfully decorative and colourful children’s book illustrations. She is also highly regarded for her work in the educational and adult design markets both in Britain and America. She excels at capturing the visual worlds of different cultures, their peoples, animals and landscapes as well as their spiritual traditions. Amanda exhibits her original illustrations at Chris Beetles Gallery St James’s, London.

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