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Little Kangaroo - a bookwrap

Ahhhh the joys of motherhood.  Joy with your joey!  I didn't realize that the baby was so big and active while still inside the pouch.  No wonder poor Mommy wants to expel her and have a well deserved rest.  WHEW!  That's hard work!!  Today's book is about moving a little girl kangaroo along into the next chapter of her life...  hopefully... that's Mommy's plan anyway.  :-) Good luck with that! 


"Little Kangaroo"

Created by Guido Van Genechten

Ages 2-5

Wonderful illustrations to ogle...

About the book...

This adorable book tells it like it is.  Poor Mother Kangaroo is tired of lugging her joey around all day.  Her baby daughter is growing fast and getting heavier and heavier so Mommy decides it's time for her little one to make a jump out into the real world and be more independent.

You'd think that her baby would be eager to flee the cramped quarters of her Mother's pouch and be excited to discover all the magnificent things in the world around her.  Quite the contrary...   baby loves the safety, warmth and security of being close and snuggling up to her mommy.  The sound of her mother's tummy brings comfort and happiness to her little heart. It trumps any extraneous sounds found out in the wild. 

Mother Kangaroo, try as she may to introduce her little one to the outside world with all its activity and diverse animals, cannot convince her baby to exit and engage in some new-found freedom.  

Then a remarkable thing happens that completely changes her joey's mind once and for all.  With great eagerness and happiness baby hops right out of her warm nest (all on her own I might add) and takes off across the plains never looking back.  I wonder what occurred to cause that sudden turnaround?  It must have been something very special.  Can you perhaps guess what? 

This coming of age story is about separation anxiety. It is...

"A splendid picture book about letting go in a loving way."

Storywraps rating:   4 Hugs !!!!

About the author...

Guido van Genechten was born in 1957 in Mol (Belgium). He studied drawing and painting, graphics and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mol. For many years he worked in the graphic industry. Now he works as a fulltime illustrator of children’s books.
In 1998 he won the international Illustrator’s Award City of Hasselt with his picture book ‘Rikki’. This prize was the beginning of his international career as a children’s book illustrator.
Since that moment he has created many best-selling books and received several awards. In 2007 he was the winner of the Reader’s Digest Award for Best Children’s Book Illustrator and his book ‘Little Kangaroo’ was declared ‘Best Picture Book of the Year 2007’!
Besides Rikki and Little Kangaroo, Guido has created many amusing characters: Little White Fish, Snowy the polar bear, Tito the clown, Max the badger.
In 2008 Clavis celebrates the Guido van Genechten year, as it has been 10 years since his first Rikki title was published. In Belgium and the Netherlands as well as abroad, there will be a lot of new projects to celebrate this special event.
A jury of librarians specialized in children’s books has chosen ‘The Wobbyy Bottoms Boogie’ by Guido van Genechten as picture book of the year 2010 in the Nederlands.
This book was the headliner of the national campaign: ‘The National Reading Days’ (celebrated from the 20th to the 30th of January 2010), largely commented by national TV and radio. This campaign focuses on the importance of reading to children. It stimulates their imagination and their language development, and children just like to be read to.

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