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My Brother Tom - a bookwrap


"My brother Tom"

Authored by Michelle Worthington
Illustrated by Ann-Marie Finn

Ages - 3+

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

Everyone in this family is so excited because a new member is going to be added soon.  But  "soon" comes way "too soon" and a little baby boy named Tom enters the world.  

"My brother Tom was born way too early.
Most babies are born pink, pudgy and noisy.
Tom was small and skinny, and made little noises like a baby kitten."

This book is about a family's struggle and concerns that they have for the very survival of their newborn tiny infant.  The book is written from the viewpoint of Tom's older brother.  He witnesses first-hand the sadness and worry that his parents, grandparents and even the doctors are going through. God comforts him by allowing him to see two loving angels that appear outside the neonatal unit  window.  These heavenly creatures sing to Tom and encourage him, telling him that he is dearly loved.  Big brother hears them and in so doing finds peace and comfort knowing that everything is going to be alright.  

This is a perfect book to share with all family members that are going through such a heart-wrenching time.  This book gives opportunities to discuss feelings and emotions and ask the many questions (and there are many)  that surface at such a time as this.  The book is very well-written.  The text and lovely illustrations take readers right into the midst of a family experiencing the gift of a very fragile, very ill,  premature baby.  It is a book written from the heart and you can feel the emotional rollercoaster that each family member is experiencing.  

Royalties from the sale of "My Brother Tom" go to Life's Little Treasures Foundation which helps families in Australia who are affected by premature births and sick tiny infants.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps rating..... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Michelle is an author of children’s books, who is also available for workshops on writing for children, book signings and school readings.
Michelle Worthington was born in Brisbane, Queensland and currently works and lives in the Redlands. She enjoys travelling and has spent time studying in France where she lived for a year. 
Winner of the 1988 Little Swaggie Award and other Australian poetry competitions, she has been published in numerous Australian and International poetry anthologies. Since a very early age, Michelle has shown a love of words and rhyme, and has always excelled at English and Creative Writing. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Queensland in 1996, Michelle is currently undergoing studies to further her career as a published author and book publisher.

Australian publisher, Wombat Books has released her first children’s picture book titled The Bedtime Band. It is the story of what the animals in the Australian bush get up to when children are at home asleep in their beds. Michelle has two sons, Jordan and Cody, who she has read to every day since they were born, as she believes in the importance of fostering a love of books in children. Her books encourage children to use their imagination and dare to dream big. Michelle’s other titles are available at

About the illustrator...

Ann-Marie Finn is an illustrator and author of children's books. She lives in Brisbane with her two young boys who inspire new stories and ideas every day. She started her career in the UK, but migrated to warmer climates in 2007 and is now a happy Australian and proud owner of The Mad Hatters Bookshop in Manly, Queensland. She has a growing collection of children's books to her name, including A Trip to the Moon, Captain Kieron and I Despair of my Hair. She is also the illustrator of Lulu and My Brother Tom with Wombat Books. 

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