Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"A Wish Come True" - a bookwrap

Ever wonder what you would wish for if you knew that your wish really would come true.  The little boy in today's book has been ill a long time and gets to make a wish... mmmm... wonder what it will be?  Let's find out shall we?


"A Wish Come True"

Authored by Kolet Janssen
Illustrated by Emilie Timmermans

Ages 4+
Grade Level - Preschool +

  Interesting Review...

 “A great book to teach children how precious life can be and that wishes should be about more than material stuff. Mark embodies the values of selflessness and dedication ― instead of wanting something just for himself, he wishes for something that will benefit others.” ― Caroline Crepu, Caroline’s Bookshelf

Unwrapping some great illustrations...

About the book...

Mark is a little boy who spends a lot of time sick so he is  sequestered in a hospital for those long periods.  He has a serious illness that affects his blood. His mom and dad stay with him to comfort and be by his side.  His classmates send him pictures that they have created to hang up on the wall behind his bed but unfortunately they cannot come and visit him because they might make him even sicker.  

Today some special visitors drop by to say hello.  They are wish fairies and they ask Mark a very important question: 

"What do you wish for most of all?" 

Mark ponders that question thoroughly then has a eureka moment. 

"I want to catch bad guys!'" he yells.  

The fairies laugh at his response and magically they start making his wish come true.  They are not real fairies of course but real live people and they begin to work hard to make Mark's wish come true. They want to bring to him happiness and hope and be a positive distraction from his relentless sickness. 

The girls organize a day where Mark can interact with local brave firemen and policemen.  Everyone involved participates in making this day a special and memorable one for Mark and his family.  

This is a beautiful book to share with those who have a loved one going through a long term illness or to spark a discussion on the topic.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Kolet Janssen (1955, Hasselt, Belgium) studied Theology and was a teacher before she started writing books. She 'gathered' six children together with her husband: 3 foster children and 3 of their own. She writes picture books and contemporary texts for adults.

About the illustrator...

Emilie Timmermans is a Belgium based artist working for children's books, comics, visual development for animation, and 2D animator. She also works as a 2D animator for Cartoon Network among others.

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