Saturday, February 25, 2017

Zach Hangs in There - a bookwrap


"Zach Hangs In There"

Authored by William Mulcahy
Illustrated by Darren McKee

Ages 5-8
Kindergarten - Grade 3

Loved the illustrations.  Unwrapping some for you to enjoy...

About the book...

Zach has a goal and that is to get across the trapeze rings at recess without falling but he doesn't have a plan to implement its success.  When the bell finally rings out he goes with his best friend Sonya to attempt it one more time.  A little apprehensive and very nervous he tries and tries but fails to get to the other side. Can he really do this or is he just kidding himself?  Oh my, poor Zach! 

Sonya sees how much this crossing means to him and starts encouraging him and reminding of him of past accomplishments.  He speaks positive words to himself, ( "I can do this!" and "Yes I can!"), sets his eyes on the prize and perseveres.  Hurray!!! Victory!!!  Zach is ecstatic.  He is so proud of himself. Yes, it can be done!!!

He discovers that he must: 

* start with a goal   
* make a plan
* make a new plan if he needs it and of course...
* keep trying to the end

 These wise tips can be very helpful no matter what age you are or at whatever you are trying to accomplish.  Take heed and succeed!   This is a wonderful inspirational message to pass on to your child and maybe even to yourself.  

Storywraps rating  -   5  HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

William Mulcahy is a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist. He has served as supervisor at Family Service of Waukesha and as a counselor at Stillwaters Cancer Support Center in Wisconsin specializing in grief and cancer-related issues, and he has worked with children with special needs. Currently he works in private practice in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and he is the owner of Kids Cope Now, a program for providing books and tools to help kids in the hospital. Bill’s picture books include Zach Apologizes, Zach Gets Frustrated, Zach Makes Mistakes, and Zoey Goes to the Hospital. He lives with his wife Melissa, his three children, and his three stepchildren in Summit, Wisconsin, where life is never boring.

About the illustrator...

Darren McKee has illustrated books for many publishers over his twenty-year career. When not working, he spends his time riding his bike, reading, drawing, and traveling. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Debbie.

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