Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner - a bookwrap

The joys of dining with a dinosaur - there are a few believe it or not!  


"Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner"

Authored by Julie Gassman
Illustrated by Andy Elkerton

Ages 3-7 
Grade Level: PS-2

Unwrapping some illustrations you are just going to fall in love with...

About the book

Written in rhyme, this gem of a book is sure to have your little one laughing out loud.  Is it ever a good time to take your dinosaur out for dinner?  Well not if he acts rude, stomps clumsily around and disrupts the whole restaurant with his anti-social behaviour.   Your dinosaur can pick his nose while waiting for the meal to arrive, roar at the top of his lungs atop a table, spill his food all over, burp firy burps and emit putrid smells that stink up the whole place, just to name a few.  Oh my!  What is a girl supposed to do that can't part with her beloved dragon and wants to include him in everything that she does?

Well for starters she can try to cook home cooked meals.  A dragon can be most useful helping her achieve this worthwhile goal and even turn it into a grand celebration.  Why he can peel, seer, set the table, light the candles all the while practising the art of being polite.   He can put table manners and good etiquette into motion as he uses linen napkins, ignores the phone when it rings and closes his huge, dinosaur mouth when he chews his food.  Why he can become so well trained in proper eating behaviour that before you know it he will be the one asking her to accompany him out for scrumptious dinner date in an elegant, high-class restaurant.  Do you think he will?  

This is a delightful book from beginning to end.  The illustrations  by this talented illustrator are truly amazing.  The book stresses the importance of using good manners and goes one step further by demonstrating what good eating manners really are.  I highly recommend you add this book to your collection.  I am sure it will become a favourite and be begged to be read over and over again.  It's a winner all round. 

Storywraps rating...  5+++ HUGS!!!!

About the author...

The youngest in a family of nine children, Julie Gassman grew up in Howard, South Dakota. After college, she traded in small-town life for the world of magazine publishing in New YorkCity. She now  lives in southern Minnesota with her husband and their three children.

About the illustrator...

After graudating from Art College in the UK, Andy began a career as a graphic designer in the video games industry, when it was very much in it's infancy. He continued as a graphic designer for fourteen years, until he decided to go back to his illustrative roots and try his hand at being a children's book illustrator. Since 2002 he has produced work for picturebooks, educational books, advertising, and toy design. He has been a finalist, twice, in the "Language Learner Literature" Awards, and has worked for clients all over the world. He currently lives in a small tourist town on the West coast of Scotland, with his wife and three children.

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