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Harry The Happy Mouse - a bookwrap

Harry The Happy Mouse has been a number one bestseller in the Children's Kindle chart in both the UK and USA. It has been added to many schools reading lists, especially when learning about kindness.


"Harry The Happy Mouse"

Authored by n.g.k.
Illustrated by Janelle Dimmett

Ages 3+

Unwrapping some fabulous pictures to feast your eyes on...

About the book...

I looked at the cover of the book and instantly fell in love with Harry.  What an adorable little mouse with his smiley face and sweet demeanour. This little guy single-handedly spreads his love and kindness to many animals that need a helping hand and in return asks only for them to go forth and do the same.  

As Harry is out for his daily evening walk in the English countryside he comes across a Frog who is stuck on a log.  

"Help me, I'm stuck!" the Frog shouted down.
"Quickly Happy Mouse! I don't want to drown!"

Now Harry has a choice to make, should he look the other way and keep on going or should he stop and help this poor Frog who is in obvious distress?  Harry makes the right choice. He carefully climbs up the log and piggybacks the scared Frog back down to safety.  Way to go Harry... you are a hero!  The Frog jumps up and down with glee and thanks his rescuer profusely.  What was Harry's response?  

"You shouldn't thank me, just help someone too!
That'll be better, for me and for you!
"But why?" said the Frog. "That doesn't help you?
If I help someone else, then who will help you?'

"When you help someone else, it makes you feel grand!
So when someone needs help, just give them a hand!"

Harry proceeds on his walk with an even happier heart and meets character after character who needs his assistance.  Each time his response is the same... of course I'll help... I'm here for you.  

The moral of the story?  If you do onto others as you would have them do onto you, if you are constantly practising random acts of kindness, you yourself will reap the benefits of feeling "grand".  By paying it forward the animals that Harry encounters are affected positively and experience that feeling of nirvana because they chose to be kind to others.  

The book is written in playful rhyme and the illustrations are vibrant, full of expression and action.  They dove-tail perfectly with the narrative bringing the story to life.   I highly, highly recommend this book.  Our world today could use a HUGE dose of kindness and caring don't you agree?  

Storywraps rating...  5 HUGS PLUS !!!!!

About the author...

My pen name is NGK, and I live in England. Last year I published Harry The Happy Mouse. I have been writing for a few years, but this is my first published book. I started writing to relax, then a few people read what I’d written and said “you should publish this!”
I have always been fascinated with the ‘Pay It Forward’ idea, where a recipient of a good deed ‘pays it forward’ to someone else. I really wanted to write a story that explains that idea to children. So, Harry the Happy Mouse grew out of that idea.


About the illustrator...

I’m an artist from Missouri who specializes in Surface Design, Pattern Design, Coloring Book Illustration, and Whimsical Art. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013, where I spent two years studying the components that make great art and design. Along with my Illustration degree, I also have a strong background in Graphic Arts and Visual Design. I spent three years (2008-2011) at East Central College studying graphic design, prior to my acceptance to the Kansas City Art Institute's Illustration program in 2011. 

I work in both traditional and digital formats. My primary tools include Markers, Fine Line Pen, Colored Pencils, and Photoshop for editing. 

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