Monday, April 10, 2017

Baby to Brooklyn - a bookwrap


Baby to Brooklyn"

Created by Rajiv Fernandez
Ages- PS+

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to smile at...

( in random order)

About the book...

This series debut book will have you smiling.  I loved the humour, simplicity and just plain fun on every spread.  The book highlights objects in a baby's world... then fastforwards... and compares them to the world of a savvy adult world in Brooklyn. 

Building Blocks to the Brooklyn Bridge, Kindergarten to a Biergarten, Onesie to a Romper, A.B.C. to J.M.Z. and Dominoes to Domino Sugar Factory (just to name a few), will give you an idea of the  delightful vibe the author so giftedly captures.  

The vibrant playful graphics are a perfect marriage of baby babble and street slang.  It is very, very kid-friendly and I highly recommend it.  It is guaranteed to make you happy. 

About the author/illustrator...

Rajiv Fernandez is the founder and creative director of Lil' Icon, a company that makes stuff for your lil' one...or your immature friend. His background is as diverse as his name. Hailing from the Great Plains of Iowa and Nebraska, his endeavors have taken him all over the world from Buenos Aires to Bangalore and finally to Brooklyn, where he currently resides and is a practicing architect. His professional portfolio ranges from Brooklyn's Barclays Center to a bespoke bar in his family’s restaurant in Omaha. He received a Master of Architecture from Columbia University where his research focused on material studies, graphic representation, and color theory. He is also a trained improviser and can be found performing on the New York comedy circuit. Applying his humor to design competitions, he has won numerous awards from the satirical collective Reality Cues. When not drawing pictures or making people laugh, you can find him daydreaming about winning Wimbledon!

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