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“Making music adults can hear in the car when the kids are present without losing their minds, Dave doesn’t talk down to the kids and uses production chops that adult ears will be comfy with.” –Midwest Record

“The former jam bander has found his métier here easily making him the Raffi of the nu generation and it doesn’t feel like he’s going to need the vindication of being hailed as the Springsteen of kid music to feel good about himself.  This stuff rocks!” –Midwest Record

“I really liked this album. It’s fun, with infectious songs that kiddos all over will enjoy (and their parents, too). The beats were energetic and well-composed.” –Critical Blast

“Happily recommended” –Critical Blast


Mr. Dave's
'Feeling Good'

Available at, iTunes, and the Mr. Dave Music Store, 1935 W. Division St., Chicago, IL 60622

Praised as "a celebrity to kiddos in Chicago and for good reason," Mr. Dave (a.k.a. Dave Hamilton) is poised to take his place on the national kindie music scene with the June 9 release of his fourth kids'/family album, "Feeling Good"

The album is a lyrical mix of upbeat, fresh, and funky tunes that are easy on adult ears and guaranteed to get the little ones movin' and groovin'.  The album is imbued with themes of love, learning, positivity and activity. It revs up your fun-o-meter until you just have to respond with song and movement. 

The roots of "Feeling Good's" irrepressible charm grow deep in the soil of Dave Hamilton's career as lead vocalist/guitarist with the acoustic funk band '56 Hope Road'.  They were opening acts for such artists as Stevie Wonder, the Dave Matthews Band, Tom Cochrane, and Bob Schneider, just to cite a few.  

In his own words...

"My years with '56 Hope Road' really honed my musical skills and developed my appreciation for the life-enhancing aspects of music. I want to give parents and children the best songs to jam to. To connect through music.  To gain the full value and quality of life that music provides.  And just to have fun!  With "Feeling Good", I wanted to make a record that could be listened to over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over ... and over... again... by the parents too."

 It's a fact...

* Release Date: June 9, 2017
* Ages 2-8
* Label:  Mr. Dave Music
* Run Time: 33 minutes

"Feeling Good" Track List

Bamboo the Bear
Street Smarts
Captain Brown Beard
I Will Share
Song in All of Us
Pelican Kid
Two Wheels
Feeling Good
Tiny Things 

Who is Mr. Dave?

Dave Hamilton grew up in central Illinois.  Both his parents played instruments and led choir in local churches. In high school, Dave and three buddies formed a hip-hop dance/vocal group they dubbed "Second Look."  They auditioned for Ed McMahon's Star Search and received the astonishing news that they were next in line for a slot on the show, just behind the Backstreet Boys.  The Backstreet Boys signed a recording contract and bowed out of their Star Search appearance so Second Look was asked to take their place.  They become finalists on the show.  This experience so inspired Dave that he vowed to continue to write songs and pursue his amazing musical talents.  

During the producing of his 2014 kid's album, "Come On In", Dave came to fully understand that he was meant to be writing and performing for kids. He became motivated to become a full-time kid's musician and teacher.  

In 2016, Dave and his wife, Christina, opened their own children's music studio with the goal of bringing the joy of music into the lives of children, families and adults by providing culturally responsive instruction and creating a warm and authentic educational experience.  

For more information on Dave and to take a peek at his previous albums and what he is up to now please check him out at his website:

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