Monday, May 29, 2017

"No Room For Baby!' - a bookwrap

"Help!!! Our new baby penguin has arrived but where in the world are we going to put him?" 



Created by Emile Jadoul
Ages 2+
Grade Levels: PS+

Unwrapping some adorable pictures for you to enjoy...

About the book...

This sweet book is about a little penguin named Leon.  His new baby brother Marcel is now home and Leon worries that there is no place to put him.  The sweet baby boy is fine now in his bassinet but after he outgrows that where in the world is he going to go?

Leon explores all the options that he can think of:  no... not on Mama's lap because it's already taken by him, no...  not on Daddy's shoulders because they are way too high up and that would be dangerous to the little guy, and  NOOOOOOO not in his room. That's definitely off limits because?.... well?.... it's HIS room that's why! 

Can this dilemma be solved and can Marcel find the perfect place for him settle into in his new home?

The characters are simply adorable and the text is very simple.  The story is told from a child's perspective and covers the anxieties and worries that come along with a brand new family member being brought home to stay forever.  The story is emotional and common to each household that experiences a new birth in their midst.  This is the perfect book to start a  conversation about what it would be like to have a brand new brother or sister.  The heartwarming tale is one to snuggle down with and read as an entire family together.  

Storywraps rating... 5 HUGS!!!!!

💙 "Hurray" 💙

About the author/illustrator...

 Emile Jadoul was born in 1963 in Avennes, Belgium. After finishing his studies in Fine Arts, he decides to live in the country, a small house in the middle of the forest, where he usually finds rabbits, foxes, sometimes wild boar and even bears. All these animals inspire images full of life and color. When he is not drawing in his studio, he talks about his work and teaches future illustrators. He has published in editorial Corimbo: Only a dot !, I have pee! And El tragapupas.

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