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Remember this game from the playground at school?  Did you play it lots like me?  Today's featured book will give you a laugh. It's a  perfect read aloud!  Go get on your battle pants and let's battle!!!!!


"The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors"

Authored by Drew Daywalt
Illustrated by Adam Rex

Ages 4-7

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations...
( in random order) 

About the book...

This fabulous book will have kids in stitches.  Drew Daywalt and Adam Rex have created a fabulous, fun-filled book to explain where the epic game, Rock Paper Scissors, originated.  It's a battle of the strengths and it teaches that a pliable sheet of paper can overtake the strength of a solid rock while the sharp scissors can take out that flimsy paper in one sharp snip.  Wow! Who knew?

The book begins,  "long ago, in an ancient distant realm called the Kingdom of Backyard," there is an undefeated warrior named Rock.  He looks around for a challenger to take down and finds a wooden clothes pin just hanging out on the line.  He yells, "drop that underwear and battle me, you ridiculous wooden clip-man!" He proves that Clothespin is no match for his might and Rock emerges the victor.  Next opponent is Apricot, and he is pinned to the ground and smooshed quite easily by Rock.  Even though Rock is the undisputed winner, inside he feels unhappy and unfulfilled.  

The next scenario takes place in the "Empire of Mom's Home Office".  There Paper, the second warrior seeks the glory of battle.  You meet Paper, a sticky note with eyes and a nose drawn on him, who has the smarts.  He is branded the "smartest warrior" in the land, and he too is unvanquished and unfulfilled because nobody can outwit him in his kingdom.  Paper fights the computer printer, who cries, "Noooooo! Not a paper Jam!" and the printer is toast.  Next, a half-eaten bag of trail mix from the trash is up, and guess what?  He is taken to the mat too by super Paper.  Oh my!

Lastly, in the "Kitchen realm in the tiny village of Junk Drawer", there resides a third great warrior.  Can you guess his name?  Yes, it's Scissors!  She swashbuckles and defeats tape and then climbs up to the freezer and defeats dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.  Afterwards she wonders,  "Am I so good that not even Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets can beat me?"  That is amazingly good.

The three seasoned warriors have a grand smack-down event in the "great cover of Two-Car Garage!"  Who will become the champion and declare ultimate victory?  Can you guess?  Will all three find the happiness they are yearning for and their emptiness filled?  

The illustrations are spot-on perfect and this witty book is full of action, expression and fun from beginning to end.  It's laugh-out-loud hilarious for both young and old.  I highly, highly recommend it.

Storywraps rating -  5 +++++ HUGS!!!!!.....

About the author...


* Before becoming an author, Drew was a farmer in the 1800’s.
* Drew eats his weight in bamboo shoots every day.
* Drew is a man of 1000 faces. Unfortunately, every face looks exactly the same.
 * The cheetah is the fastest land animal with recorded speeds of up to 80mph. Drew hopes one never chases him.
 *   In addition to being an author, Drew is also a world renowned beekeeper.
* And a race car driver.
* Drew likes to make up stories about being a world renowned beekeeper and race car driver. (He is neither.)
 * Drew just made a hot cup of tea. Please retweet.
 * Drew has three rows of razor sharp teeth designed for ripping and shredding his prey.
 *  Drew has ferocious hair and he’s not afraid to use it.

About the illustrator...

Adam Rex grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, the middle of three children. He now lives in Tucson with his physicist wife Marie.
His picture book FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH, a collection of stories about monsters and their problems, was a New York Times Bestseller. 2007 saw the release of his first novel, THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY.
Garlic and crosses are useless against Adam. Sunlight has been shown to be at least moderately effective. A silver bullet does the trick. Pretty much any bullet, really.

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