Friday, June 30, 2017

"Unraveling Rose" - a bookwrap

In life many things come at us and our flawed personalities start to question and doubt our very self-worth.  An important life-lesson to learn early on is that no one is perfect, no one, and we can't focus on our imperfections and become unraveled.   Today's book addresses that very subject.  Enjoy! 


"Unraveling Rose"

Authored by Brian Wray
Illustrated by Shiloh Penfield

Ages 5-8
Available September 2017

“Although this beautifully written and delightfully illustrated book is written for children, this story helps us all realize that being perfect is not what really matters, and that we can learn to appreciate life with all it imperfections.” –Linda Mayers, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

Some amazing illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

You fall in love with adorable Rose bunny from the first time you see her on the front cover.  She is so sweet and delights in the little boy who owns her.  Together they engage in life as they play in the park, read books together (where she gets to turn the pages), paint awesome pictures and thoroughly enjoy each other's non-stop company.  

Then one day she discovers a loose thread on her arm.  She becomes transfixed on it and starts to pull it and pull it but it just keeps unraveling.  She creates such a gap that her stuffing starts to fall out and her arm becomes deflated and useless.  Fearful and frustrated poor Rose finds she can no longer join in the fun with her beloved boy and do the things they love to do together.  

Downhearted and despondent Rose feels hopeless.  What is a little bunny to do?  Can she mend her arm and start enjoying life once again with her best friend?  This story is the perfect segue to discuss with your children how to cope with OCD tendencies and how to help them back on track to once again enjoy living life to its fullest.  The author has added a section at the end of the book identifying and coping with OCD which will be helpful to parents, caregivers and educators.   I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating... 5+ HUGS !!!!!

About the author...

Brian Wray has been writing professionally since 2003. He has written for Walt Disney Studios and earned both television producing and writing credits. Inspired by the bottomless imagination of his daughters, Brian focuses on storytelling for children.

About the illustrator...

Shiloh’s previous work includes Boy Zero for Caliber Comics, a guest artist spot on Red Knight published by Dead West Comics, and multiple independent projects. Located in Brooklyn, her calico cat Maki maintains quality control and ensures all pages are delivered on time.

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