Friday, June 23, 2017

"Where Are You Hiding God?" - a bookwrap

"Olly Olly oxen free!  God you can come out now I want to see you! " Will God reveal Himself? 


Created by Elisabeth Zartl

Ages 8-12
Grade Level: 3-7
Available September 14, 2017

Some delightful illustrations to show you today...

About the book...

A little girl looks high and low trying to find God in her world.  She rifles through her dresser in her bedroom trying to unmask Him.  Is He between her pants and her socks?  No... He's not there.  He must be in the bathroom.  Maybe He's hiding in the bathtub under her washcloth or rubber duckie!  No... no sign of Him there.   She proceeds into her garden and tries to locate Him in the grass?  Uh  Uh... no luck.   Is He next to the flowers?  Perhaps flying with the dragonflies?  No luck at all!!  Oh my, she can't locate Him anywhere.  Where in the world could He be hiding she wants to know? 

Disappointed and discouraged she sits under a tree and one single leaf flutters down on her carried by the wind and she has a eureka moment.....

"There you are!  I've found you!"  Did she truly discover God do you think?

She retraces her tracks back to the garden, her bathroom, and her bedroom and it's like scales have fallen off of her eyes and she can see Him in everything around her!!! She envisions Him clearest when she looks at herself in her mirror in her bedroom.  "You are here and you are always inside me."  What a stunning revelation she happens upon.  He is indeed with her always!  

This charming little book has beautiful illustrations that enrich the narrative greatly.  The message instills in the wee readers that God truly is there...  tucked cozy and snug inside their heart.  

Storywraps rating...  5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author/illustrator...

In Austria, grown up in nature, Elisabeth Zartl began to paint early. After studying religious pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and pedagogy in Vienna, he completed his education in graphic design and mediation. The author's books combine her delicate, dreamy illustration style with lyric texts for children and adults.

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