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Back to school tips - an infowrap

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Back to School Tips for Elementary School Students (and their Parents!)

Move over, summer--a new school year is coming!
With the start of school, families face new organization challenges.
School bells ring--and so do early-morning alarm clocks.
Paper piles swell as hand-outs and homework stream into the house.
Shorter autumn days bring a hectic round of sports, activities and events, and calendars fill with cryptic notes.
Get organized now for the best school year ever! Use these ideas to prepare your home and family for the busy days ahead.

Yes, fortunately ( or unfortunately ) we’re coming up to the end of summer break and that means it is time to head back to the classroom for tens of thousands of students. For some younger students (especially first timers) this can be a scary time.

Gearing up for school can be exciting but nerve-wracking also. For parents, getting kids in the “school day” routine can be an important first step to ensure they are hitting the ground running once they arrive at school. Here is a top ten list of tips from a number of elementary school principals for parents looking to get their son or daughter off to a great new school year start:

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1 Make sure students are getting back into the bedtime routine – no more late summer nights
 Shop as a family to ensure lunches are both nutritional and palatable  – this will make sure your child ends up eating (rather than trading) what you packed for them at lunch

3 Read aloud to get back in the “book-reading habit” (if they aren’t there already)

4 Brainstorm together a couple of ideas/summer stories that your child can share with the rest of the class – during the initial back-to-school weeks there will be a lot of “sharing what we did on vacation” and being prepared helps

5 Set some goals and targets for learning so your child can hit the ground running

6 Play fun games that reinforce and reintroduce skills learned earlier (counting games, reviewing colors, reading signs). The key is to make sure the games are fun (not stressful)

7 Be enthusiastic about the start of school. Many students, especially younger ones, pick up on their parent’s emotions. If you’re pumped about school, odds are they will be as well

8 Set a good example: if they see you reading, your child is much more likely to also want to pick up a book

9 Make sure you are aware of traffic, parking and stopping so you’re getting to and from school safely

10 Demonstrate safety trumps convenience. Back to school time can be particularly hectic in the first few weeks and if you show your child you are obeying the (road) rules, they likely will too

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