Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Odd One Out" - a bookwrap

Ever feel you are not wanted or included?  You want so badly to be accepted and part of a friendship or group and you are shunned and shut out?  Today's book is all about being ...  odd one out.  Enjoy!


"Odd One Out"

Authored by Danielle Chaperon
Illustrated by Iris

Ages:  4+
Grade Level:  PS +

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations

About the book

Back of the book...

"Annabelle and I were inseparable.  We were best friends and we did everything together.  That is until the horrible, terrible day when the new girl arrived.  Now she is Annabelle's best friend, and I'm the odd one out."

Clara used to be totally happy.  She has a family that loves her, a baby brother that is too small to bug her, a house big enough for the four of them to co-exist in harmony, and an amazing insect collection all her own.  She is blessed with a best friend, Annabelle,  who is everything you could ask for in a BFF and more.  They are like soul sisters.  

Then one day a new girl arrives at the school.  The teacher asks them to befriend her and Annabelle does... wholeheartedly.  It's a gesture that changes Clara's world completely... but not for the better... for the worse.  Oh my!!! 

Annabelle and the new girl play together at recess, walk side-by-side on the sidewalk and squish together on Annabelle's bike leaving poor Clara feeling shunned and abandoned.  She feels she is shrinking away and is frightened she may even become invisible as more and more she is left out in the cold by the two.  She secretly tries to concoct some diabolical plans to rid herself of this pesky intrusive new girl but finally concludes those ideas will not solve the problem that is consuming her.  She misses her best friend so much and wants her back in her life. 

Will Clara find a solution and finally be able to resume her lost relationship with Annabelle?  Is there room for maybe two best friends in her life?  Is that even a possible scenario to entertain? 

I love the illustrations. The emotion that Clara is feeling is perfectly depicted.  Clara learns a very valuable life lesson and works through her dilemma finally realizing that if you put jealousy and insecurity aside you can come out a winner, in this case with two best friends.  I loved the message and recommend this book.

Storywraps Rating- 5 HUGS!!!!

About the author/ illustrator

Danielle Chaperon is an author from Quebec. A storyteller from a young age, she learned to read from the back of children's cereal boxes, and later moved on to comics!

Iris is a graphic novel artist. Odd One Out is her first children's picture book.

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