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"Good Night Sleep Tight" - a bookwrap


"Good Night Sleep Tight"
Eleven-and-a-half Good Night Stories
with Fox and Rabbit

Authored by Kristina Andres

Ages 5-7
Country of origin:  Germany
Gecko Press

Unwrapping some illustrations for you 

Excerpt :  Second Story

"A very good night to you, dear Fox, " Rabbit said solemnly.
"Dear Rabbit!" A very good night to you too," replied Fox.
"To me too? said Rabbit.  "Who besides you wishes me good night?'
"I do!" sang the moon.  "Good night to you, rabbit. And good night to Fox as well."
"Good night," sighed the rose outside the window.
"Good night," the pear trees whispered.
"Good night! Good night! Good night!" piped the fleas on Fox's tail.
"Good night," the stars chimed.
"Good night," the raspberries murmured.
"Fox!" Rabbit's eyes were wide.  " I think it's time we went to bed."💫

Good Night Sleep Tight is a gorgeous read-aloud family book that’s full of joy. In each story Fox and Rabbit try different ways to get to sleep or in some cases, not get to sleep...
A lovely gift for any child who enjoys bouncing on the bed before their goodnight stories – that is, for any child!
~Rachel Lawson, co-publisher

About the book

Fox and Rabbit live quite far away, in a bright little house beyond the molehills. They make strange bedfellows but it's true they are very good friends.  Each night, with politeness and care they help each other drift off into Dreamland or do they?   

These eleven-and-a-half stories are perfect to curl up with and enjoy as a read-aloud together before it's time to sleep.  They creatively express different ways two best friends wish each other  good night which I'm sure will inspire your little one to do the same with you. How do you say goodnight in your home? 

Bedtime rituals are a wonderful way to wrap up a busy day then wrap up your little one (burrito-style of course) and say nite nite, sleep tight.  These heartwarming stories of friendship and fun will be a delight to share again and again. They are tuck-in perfect.  

The stories are short and the illustrations enrich them greatly.  It is a a storybook for all ages so regardless of your age they will surely be enjoyed.  I highly recommend the book. 

Storywraps Rating:  5 ++ Hugs!!!!!

About the author

Kristina Andres was born in Greifswald in 1971 and grew up in Mecklenburg, where she lives today. She studied history of art and literature and then moved to the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts. She has been working as a freelance artist since 2002. She has written and illustrated numerous children’s books and received several awards.

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