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"My Best Friend Is A Goldfish" - a bookwrap

Everyone desires to have a BFF.  They want a  soul-friend to spend time with, share things with and be there for them.  Do you have one?  I hope so.  They are more precious than gold or silver.  Today's book is about trying to find the perfect replacement for a BFF... is that even possible?  Let's find out shall we?  


"My Best Friend Is A Goldfish" 

Authored by Mark Lee
Illustrated by Chris Jevons

Ages 4-8
Available:  April 1, 2018 

Unwrapping some great illustrations 

About the book

A young boy loves his best friend dearly.  He quarrels with her about the game they are playing, gets angry and decides to dump her and go find a new one.  He has had enough and surely there are others who would gladly take her place and appreciate him more.

He discovers that it's not quite as easy as he thinks.  He turns to his pet dog, Murphy to fit the role.  Although Murphy loves to sniff everything and scoffs his food at breakneck speed from his bowl on the floor he prefers his own canine friends as apposed to his pet human.  No, Murphy isn't a good match.

The boy then moves on to his cat Gus, his hamster Hercules, and finally Fishy Robert, his goldfish.  Nope, none of them fit the bill either. Put a line through their names... eliminated!   

He reflects on perhaps a kid that he knows who moved to Brazil.  Nooo! How about Captain Blastoff, the Space Pirate? Won't work!   Or maybe his teddy? Don't think so.  Rejection of all the above follow... oh my!! This is tough. Wherever shall he find a brand-new BFF that shares the things he loves and wants to spend time with him?  Is it even possible to do or is he doomed to playing solitaire and living with a BFF called Loneliness forever and ever?  

This book is about friendship and the value of appreciating and keeping a good friend.  The illustrations are colourful, vibrant and extremely relatable to this age group.  I really enjoyed the book and recommend it for sharing together thus sparking a conversation about the qualities of having and being a good friend and being very grateful for that special relationship.  

Storywraps Rating ...  5 Hugs!!!!!

About the author

Questions I've Never Been Asked

What kind of writer are you? 

Your profile on Wikipedia says that you’ve written novels, children’s books, plays and poetry.
I see myself as a writer who has created works in variety of forms and genres. Whenever I start a new project I let the characters, setting and story determine the form of the work. 

 Is there anything unusual about your life as a writer?

I’ve been a full-time writer for most of my adult life. I’ve never taught creative writing, received a grant or lived off a trust fund. I haven’t had a conventional job since the age of 26. 

What would you do if you hadn’t been a writer?

At various times, I’ve considered being a cop, a teacher, a relief worker or a Buddhist monk.
During one period of your life, you worked as a foreign correspondent. 

Why would someone who has reported on war and famine write children’s books like Twenty Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street?

Writing children’s books is challenging, but it has given me a great deal of pleasure. It’s a way to connect to memories of my own childhood and the books I loved reading.

Is there any advice you’d like to give to a young writer?

Stop comparing yourself to others, and try to find your own voice.
A writer’s life isn’t a short-distance run -- it’s a marathon.
Any successful writer has learned how to deal with doubt and rejection.

So how can a writer deal with rejection?

While you’re working on your writing, make sure that you stay healthy, have friends and believe in something larger than your self. 

In the past, you have resisted talking about your personal life and have tried to remove all your photographs from the Internet. Why did you do that?

I strongly dislike the government and corporate monitoring that has become possible in our Digital Era. 

So why have you decided to write a memoir and reveal details about your past?

A few years ago I ended up in the hospital with sepsis: e.g. a massive infection of my abdominal cavity. After I came out of a morphine-induced dreamland, I examined my life and realized that I had almost died before writing a book that has always been in my thoughts. 
I left the hospital with drainage tubes still inserted in my stomach, and began the long road to recovery. When I was healthy, I started writing the memoir. 
Although my feelings about personal privacy haven’t changed, this book is a story that I want to share with others. 

Last question! Give us the one word that describes you.

About the illustrator


I'm Chris Jevons - a digital artist lucky enough spend everyday creating illustrations for children's publishing. I am represented internationally by the lovely Bright Agency based in London and New York. 

I've been drawing and doodling for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was inspired by 80's and 90's cartoons such as Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. 
I was also heavily influenced by video games, including the original Mario Bros series on the Nes and Snes, and Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega MegaDrive. 

My first taste of digital art was when my parents bought our first main family computer, an Amiga 500+. The Amiga came as a the Cartoon Classics set, featuring Captain Planet, Lemmings and Bart Vs The Space Mutants. Most importantly, it came with Deluxe Paint 3. 

I spent hours drawing and animating using Deluxe Paint to create pixelated illustrations and jerky animations. 

I decided to pursue a career in design and illustration (my maths is terrible!) inspired by The Simpsons, children's books and many films and animation studios such as Pixar and Laika. I studied art and design at college and graduated in 2003 with a Bsc in Multi-Media at Leeds Met. 

Fast forward to 2015, I now work as an illustrator, specialising in children's books. I love to create fun characters and detailed scenes using various textured brushes in Photoshop.

I have also worked as a 2d After Effects animator / illustrator, collaborating with York based animation studio, ay-pe. 

I create my artwork digitally using a Wacom Cintiq 24HD drawing tablet on an iMac 27" Retina and Adobe CC software. 

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It's a wrap.

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