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"The Bagel King" - a bookwrap


"The Bagel King"

Authored by Andrew Larsen
Illustrated by Sandy Nichols

  • Age Range: 5 - 6 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool - 2

Publisher: Kids Can Press (May 1 2018)

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you to enjoy

Unwrapping some words of wisdom that you will need to know...

The Yiddish words in this book are:

mensch: (mentsh):  a good person
oy: expression or exclamation usually used in dismay
schmutz (schmuhtz):  dirt or grime, usually spilled or dropped
tuches (took-huss):  your bum
Zaida (zay-dah): grandfather

Other things to know:

bagel (bay-gull): a ring-shaped bread roll traditionally made by boiling and then baking

chicken soup: a traditional Jewish home remedy for colds and anything else that might ail you.  Usually served with noodles or fluffy round dumplings called matzo (maht-zah) balls. 

About the book

This delightful book focuses on a lovely relationship between a grandfather and his beloved grandson.  The bonding glue between the two?  Bagels.

Every Sunday Zaida goes to Merv's Bakery to buy bagels.  Sometimes his grandson Eli goes with him. Mrs. Rose always treats  Eli to one of her scrumptious pickles right out of the jar that she keeps on the shelf behind the counter.  Zaida and Eli think they are the best pickles in the whole wide world.   Usually, though, Eli stays home and his wonderful Zaida hand - delivers those yummy bagels right to his door.

"Eli would hear a familiar Knock! Knock!
"Who's there?"
"It's me!" Zaida would say.  "I've got bagels!"

All year long Zaida, though rain and heat, snow and gloom faithfully brings not only Eli his bagels, but bagels to his friends too.  It truly is an labour of love resulting in a bagel feast fit for a king. 

Bagels were the best thing about Sunday."

Then one Sunday the unspeakable happens.  Zaida does not arrive bearing his tasty gifts.  What possibly could have happened to him?  Zaida is always punctual just like clockwork .... Sunday, bagels, his delivery and the fellowship that ensues.  Something must be terribly wrong. Wherever could he be? 

Eli rushes over to Zaida's to find out what has happened. He discovers that Zaida has accidentally fallen on his tuches and injured himself.   The doctor orders him housebound until he totally recovers.  Eli realizes his grandfather's acts of kindness affect not only himself but the others around him too.  

Eli brings Zaida soup, sees that he gets his rest and even reads to him. He turns into a nurse extraordinaire. Then he gets a brilliant idea...  could he possibly replace his Zaida and become the-bearer- of-the-bagels for everyone to enjoy this Sunday?  What do you think?  I bet he can for sure.  This will make everyone, including his wonderful Zaida, very very happy indeed.  

I like how the Yiddish words are sprinkled throughout the story for everyone to enjoy and gives you a taste into their culture.  The book will spark conversations on family dynamics and the importance of being kind to one another.   The illustrations are full of expression and detail and are a huge asset to the narrative.  I am sure this is a book that when shared will be well received by both the young and the old.  

Storywraps Rating .... 5 ++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Andrew Larsen is the acclaimed author of such books as Goodnight, Hockey Fans, A Squiggly Story, The Not-So-Faraway Adventure, In the Tree House and The Imaginary Garden. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

About the illustrator

Sandy Nichols is the illustrator of Starring Lorenzo, and Einstein Too, and the 40th anniversary board book editions of Alligator Pie and Garbage Delight. She also illustrates for magazines and advertising clients. Sandy and her family live in Calgary, Alberta.

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