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"Drawing Cute with Katie Cook" - a bookwrap

Welcome to Katie Cook's world

Unwrapping today's fabulous book

"drawing cute with Katie Cook"

200 lessons for drawing
super adorable stuff

Pub Date 14 Feb 2018

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you
( in random order) 

About the book

Kids are going to love to get their hands on this book and then get their hands busy creating amazing, fun drawings using pens, pencils (both regular and coloured), crayons, erasers, markers and loads and loads of paper.  According to Katie this is ...

"What You Need

A positive attitude and a sense of humor (cannot be bought)
Paper, I guess.  Walls Probably are not a good idea unless you are SUPER COMMITTED.
An eraser because we all make mistakes.
A good ol' black ink pen or marker
Something to colour with...  dealer's choice"

Katie Cook has designed this step-by-step guide book to inspire, encourage, and bring hope to uncreative, but hopeful, artists (or so they start out thinking).   "Drawing Cute by Katie Cook" is just bursting with super creative ideas and techniques to get kids engaged in artistic endeavors and to get their imaginations humming with possibilities.  

She is the master of cute and kids will fall in love with adorable sweet animals and stuff relating to:  food , sports, holidays and seasons and handy dandy every day stuff that she expertly features.  She seems to make her drawings come alive by personifying them so they actually look animated and ready to be your friend.  

This entertaining how-to guide includes witty quips, fun facts and  puns from Katie that will make you groan and smile lots too.    

"If you know how to draw a potato, the art world is an open door."  Katie tells her readers. "

"Don't worry, there are lots of dog drawings, too!"  

Kids will find these drawings easy to clone and give them confidence to branch out and design their very own successful pictures.  This book is a perfect catalyst to ignite the creativity of any beginner artist and is sure to be a hit with every age group that just wants to doodle, experiment and explore the beautiful world of drawings.  This is a truly awesome book that I highly, highly recommend.   Go ahead and unleash your hidden talent and let the drawings begin...........

Storywraps Rating    5+++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author/ illustrator

Katie Cook is a well-known comic artist and writer. Her writing and art for the wildly successful My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) earned her a spot on pop culture website Bleeding Cool's 100 most influential people in the comic industry in 2013. She has also done licensed artwork for DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and Fraggle Rock. She also writes and draws the popular web comic, Gronk, and is often a featured guest at comic conventions around the world. She lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

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