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"Team Steve" - a bookwrap

"HI! It's me Steve. 
I'm going to share a secret with you - the secret to WINNING. I'm the WINNINGEST animal in the forest.  Isn't WINNING the best?"


"Team Steve"
by Kelly Collier

* Ages : 3-6 
* Publisher: Kids Can Press
* Pub. Date: September 4, 2018
* Language: English 

Steve continues... 

"You probably couldn't help but notice that I am built for running. It's my super-long neck, super-long legs and super-strong (Ahem) bum muscles.  So every year, I take first place in the forest RACE-A-THON.  Did I mention how much I LOVE WINNING?  Yup.   The secret's out if you want to win be on my team."  

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

Steve the horse is full of self-confidence and he doesn't mind reminding everyone (constantly) how great he is.  Steve is a winner!

It's time for the annual Race-a-thon and he is super excited and ready to win again because he wins every year.  He is a powerhouse (or should I say powerhorse) that is built for success.  Every part of his anatomy sets him up to be a winner. He eagerly trots over to sign up for the race and finds out that the rules have changed. 

This year the race will be a relay race and the teams have already been established. He discovers that he is stuck with a Turtle, a Duck and a Snail, the slowest animals in the forest.  Oh my!  Poor Steve's confidence is shattered.  How can he possibly be a winner with this sad team?  Can he rally his troops and coach them to be winners too just like him?  What will happen to Steve's self-assurance and morale if he loses for the first time ever?  

This book is so fun to read and share.  You will love Steve the horse even though he is full of pride and his ego is huge.  Each page has interacting wordplay with the illustrations and introduces some challenging vocabulary also.  It's a perfect read aloud and will spark great discussions on good sportsmanship and teamwork. This is the second Steve the horse book and I hope the author continues writing more books about him for his readers, both young and old, to enjoy. I love this guy!  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 ++ HUGS !!!!!

Meet the author/illustrator

Author-illustrator Kelly Collier was born in Ottawa and grew up in Toronto. She has an identical twin sister and an older brother. As kids, Kelly and her sister drew all the time, mostly in an effort to "outdraw" their brother. Kelly studied illustration in college and has had lots of editorial work published, but has always wanted to create a children's book. The idea for A Horse Named Steve came from a doodle she did to fill a small empty frame at home. Kelly married a fellow artist who doesn't complain when her projects take over the entire house, she has a dog who sort of resembles Steve and she really loves gold.

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