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What does a princess really look like? However she wants. - a bookwrap


What Does a Princess Really Look Like?” 

by Mark Loewen
Illustrated by Ed Pokoj

* Ages:  4-8
* Grade Level:  PS-3
* Hardcover
* Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
* Pub. Date: July 1, 2018
* Language: English

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you to enjoy

Pre-Release Reviews and Endorsements

" adorable book showing children that we don't have to be perfect in everything we do ...And it's great that the main character has two dads..."
- Eric Rosswood, Author of The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads

"...Society puts so much pressure on women to always look and behave perfectly. Actively choosing to make Chloe's princess imperfect means it is ok for Chloe to also be imperfect..." - Dinah Davis, Code Like a Girl

"Filled with the fuel young girls need to believe in themselves, this book carries the right message at the right time for the next generation of brave young women. It's a must read!"
- Katherine Wintsch, Founder and CEO of The Mom Complex

"As a gay parent, I can do nothing but applaud this breakthrough children's book...This is a must-have for any parent, as it thoughtfully and playfully exposes children to the empowering topics of feminism and diverse families. Two emphatic thumbs up!!"
- Frank Lowe, @GayAtHomeDad

"...creative, philosophical and empowering. It sends a strong message that being smart and strong are true and noble qualities in a person. Chloe is a wonderfully thoughtful character, and it's fantastic to see two dads in a book that'll soon be a favorite in our house!"
- Brian Rosenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Gays With Kids

"I read this story to my daughter. She loved it! Especially when she discovered that Chloe has two dads like her. A great story, and beautiful illustrations!"
- Juan Luque, 2 Dads + 4 Kids

"...a breath of fresh air for children of different ages, providing the very essence that children can have dreams and be very creative with those dreams. Nevertheless, they can also learn to accept change and very importantly have parents, irrespective of their background, that are loving and so very supportive. A book of many hidden morals, I loved it."
  • Erika Tranfield, Director and Co-founder of Pride Angel (less)

Through my eyes...

If you are asked to create a drawing of a princess what will she look like?  What are her characteristics?  Would you go back to the stereotype models that wear long ball gowns, a crown, and marries a prince so she is destined to live in a castle all of her life?  Chloe, the young heroine in today's book, has a totally different take on her rendition of a Princess.  

Chloe dreams of becoming a ballerina Princess. She leaps and twirls to practice her artful skills.  Sometimes her two dads dance along with her and have fun. Today in her quiet house Chloe decides to create her very own rendition of how she perceives a Princess to be and wants her to be absolutely perfect. 

She gives the Princess a round head which homes a very smart brain and colourful hair made out strands of yarn.  She gives her eyes and ears to be observant, a mouth to give her a voice to speak kind words and the Princess's crowning glory? Yes.... a crown to sparkle through her shiny tresses.  Chloe wants her Princess to stand tall and to be brave and strong, just to name a few.  Finally she designs a lovely pink dress to adorn her Princess but she accidentally glues it on lop-sided. Noooooo!  Whatever shall she do? Her Princess is no longer perfect!  How can Chloe correct this very obvious imperfection?  After all her hard work is her Princess flawed and ugly?  Poor Chloe feels terrible!  Then enters her dads who want to take a peek at her creation.  They sense her distress and give her heartfelt support and encouragement.

Chloe learns a wonderful life lesson from her parents.  They admire her masterpiece and express that the crooked dress makes the Princess look like she is dancing... a beautiful movement that she probably learned from her BFF Chloe.  Chloe soon discovers that imperfections and errors are not bad things, in fact they are the things that make people unique.  

Princesses can (and do) look and feel many different ways. Everyone... including Chloe is amazing just by being themselves!  This positive message highlights that it's not the outside that counts but what is deep on the inside that matters the most.  I love the fact that girls get to be exactly what THEY want to be and certainly with determination and loving support can achieve that goal.  Chloe is very fortunate to have such a loving, supportive family around her to boost her self-esteem and reinforce the point that in their eyes she is perfect... she is their Chloe. 

The illustrations are colourful and look almost animated. This book is written with heart and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Storywraps Rating:  5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

Mark Loewen is a psychotherapist and a dad. He was born in Asuncion, Paraguay and moved to the United States to pursue his counseling career. He met the love of his life in Richmond, Virginia. A few years later, they became dads through open adoption. Becoming a father to a girl opened Mark's eyes to the challenges many girls and women face in today's world. Mark's passion for equality drives everything he does, whether he is in the role of husband, father, therapist, or friend. Mark is the founder of LaunchPad Counseling, a private practice in Richmond. He also started Brave Like A Girl, an organization that helps girls overcome challenges by tapping into their courage and strength.

Meet the illustrator

Ed Pokoj is an illustrator and animator. He lives with his wife in Richmond, Virginia. He aims to make everyday life more fun and exciting by creating whimsical and colorful illustrations for the world to enjoy.

Ed illustrated Mark Loewen’s great children’s book, What Does a Princess Really Look Like?

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