Monday, June 24, 2019

"The Clothesline" - a bookwrap


The Clothesline 

Authored and Illustrated by Orbie
Translated by Karen Li

* Age Range:  5-8
* Grade Level:  2-3
* Hardcover:  64 pages
* Publisher:  OwlKids
* Pub. Date:  October 15, 2019
Language:  English

Unwrapping some sweet illustrations for you to enjoy

Unwrapping the Story

 One day five year old Reggie helps his mom by picking up his toys and vacuuming for her.  His mom is so grateful for his help that she rewards him with three dimes.  Wow!  Thirty cents!  Reggie has hit the jackpot. 

The two live above the corner store so can you guess where Reggie is heading?  He is very happy, excited and on a mission.  He zips down the wooden stairs faster than usual, maybe too fast, and unfortunately loses his footing and goes flying off the steps.  Luckily he grabs the knot in their clothesline and hangs on for dear life to save himself from a tumble.  Uh-oh!  He's in trouble now. 

Reggie is dangling high above the ground by one hand and finds himself stuck in the middle of the clothesline.  Why can't he use both hands to cling to the rope?  Well the answer is that his coveted ten dimes are tucked in it and he won't risk dropping them. 

He is in quite a pickle.  He shouts very loudly for his mom to come and rescue him but there is no response.... just silence.  A big old black cat wanders by but is of no help to the small struggling boy.   Realizing he needs to solve his problem himself, Reggie tries different strategies to safely disengage himself but none are successful.   Finally he comes to the scary realization that there is only one way to get freedom and that is to let go!  Will he make that valiant decision become a reality and then be able to achieve his goal?    

The sequential illustrations with simple text are wonderful.  They are full of action, expression and emotion.  The story reminds us that choices have consequences and lucky for Reggie his choice ends safely and has a very sweet outcome.  I highly recommend this book.   

Storywraps  Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author/ Illustrator

ORBIE is a children’s book illustrator, graphic novel creator, and illustrator for newspapers, parenting posters, and marketing materials. She is also the illustrator of Sloth at the Zoom and some other funny books (She likes to laugh). She lives in Cap d'Espoir, Quebec.

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