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"Duck and Penguin are Not Friends" - a bookwrap

( read by Kiera )


"Duck & Penguin are Not Friends" 

By Julia Woolf

* Age Range:  2-6
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Anderson Press
* Pub. Date:  June 5, 2019
* Language:  English 


"Julia Woolf conveys this witty story about friendship - or not - most effectively through the venomous scowls and frowns and ferocious looks between the two soft toys in contrast to the brilliant warm smiles of Betty and Maud." 
- LoveReadng4Kids

"A hilarious and beautifully illustrated observation of friendship... the perfect tool for helping children in their first days at nursery." 
-Emma O'Donovan, Baby Magazine

"Funny and full of insight, this is the perfect picture book for celebrating the ins and outs of friendship" 
-Booktrust, Booktrust

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you

Unwrapping the Story

Betty and Maud are BFFs and they both have favourite stuffed toys that they love dearly.  The girls schedule a play date and bring their toys with them assuming that their buddies will get along splendidly just like they do. But as the girls make their way through their day, participating in a variety of activities that are great fun for them, it becomes quite obvious to the reader that the toys aren't feeling the joy.  

When Betty and Maud skip to the swings, Betty pushes Maud all the way up and Duck pushes Penguin all the way OFF! When the two friends build sandcastles their toys go into wrecking mode and destroy theirs and when it's time to bake and paint?  Oh my... the combative, disagreeable toys end up covered with egg-innards, whipping cream and to top it all off engage in a frenzied paint fight.   

What is going on?  This will never do.  Betty and Maud now have to extract the soggy messes by giving baths to Duck and Penguin. They hang their dripping bodies up on the clothes line and then finally have to blow them dry with the hair dryer.  Is there any way that the two toys who obviously don't like each other can settle their differences and become BFFs too just like their owners?  

The illustrations are so expressive and kids will giggle when they see how the toys react when they dislike the activities that they are forced to participate in.  This is a wonderful read aloud that is just so fun and the story comes with a sweet life lesson to behold:  friendships are very personal and best left to naturally evolve and not be forced on anyone... or any toy.  I love the adorable characters and the whole vibe of the book.  It made me laugh and I highly recommend it.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author/illustrator

Julia worked for 20 years in animation, including for Dreamworks US. She graduated with an MA in Children's Book Illustration in Cambridge from Anglia Ruskin University in 2015 going on to write and illustrate Lazy Cat and Giraffe on a Bicycle. Julia lives in Kent.

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