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"Help Wanted, Must Love Books" - a bookwrap

The perfect bedtime story for young book lovers: Help Wanted Must Love Books 


"Help Wanted, Must Love Books"

Authored by Janet Sumner Johnson
Illustrated by Courtney Dawson

Unwrapping Some Wonderful Illustrations for You to Enjoy

Unwrapping the Story

This is such a sweet ( and clever ) book on so many levels.  Shailey loves bedtime and after she shimmies into to her pjs and sparkles her teeth she looks forward to snuggling up with her dad as he reads her a bedtime story.  She looks forward to this bonding ritual every night.  But then the unthinkable happens.  Her dad acquires a new job and their nightly routine greatly suffers and quickly becomes non-existent.  Poor dad is so busy trying to meet his work obligations that he has no time to spend reading to his daughter any more. 

Shailey, disappointed, take matters into her own hands and fires him!  She quickly creates a Help Wanted poster and the search for a reading daddy substitute begins. 

The author makes a brilliant decision to have story book characters be the applicants.  Poor Shailey sifts through Cinderella, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, the Friendly Giant, Sleeping Beauty, the Gingerbread Man and Snow White with her seven body guards trailing behind her,  just to name few.  None of the contenders are fit for hire in Shailey's view.  Will she ever find a daddy surrogate that can replace the snuggles and reading prowess that she receives from her real daddy?  

This book highlights a beautiful father/daughter relationship and the joy they share when they read wonderful bedtime stories together each night.  The illustrations are gorgeous and animate the text bringing much enjoyment, interest and engagement to the reader.  At the end of the book are personal résumés from a few of  those who were seeking employment including Pinocchio, Tinkerbell, The Frog Prince and Robin Hood.  I highly recommend this fun, family-friendly book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author

Janet Sumner Johnson lives in Utah with her husband and three kids. She grew up playing all the sports, but soccer was her favorite (which is surprising considering she was trampled by the bunch-ball crowd in her very first game). At the ripe old age of 3, she fell out of a two-story window after throwing a temper tantrum. Amazingly, she came out of the ordeal no worse for the wear . . . unless you count being sent back to her room. Janet loves playing the piano, and she loves speaking in public, but she cannot play the piano in public to save her life. Yet, she keeps on trying, which is probably her greatest strength and how she's managed to stick with the writing gig. 

Books have always been an important part of her life. She was reading by the time she was four, and is most often seen either reading or writing a book. A few of the books that were devoured in her childhood include the Chronicles of Narnia (ALL of them!), Anne of Green Gables and every other book published by L.M. Montgomery, Beauty (and anything else by Robin McKinley), Sweet Valley Twins, and Sweet Valley High (you should have seen her impressive collection!). Under her brother's influence, she read quite a few John Bellairs books, too.

About the Illustrator

Courtney is a freelance illustrator with a great love for drawing, reading and most kinds of ice cream. She has a background in animation and a deep love for picture books
She works both digitally and traditionally, gouache being her favorite medium. She is inspired by the world around us and all the good in it. She loves to work on projects that are empowering, inclusive and whimsical. She loves rainy days and painting to Sam Cooke. 

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