Friday, November 29, 2019

Ceri & Deri - Good to Be Sweet - a bookwrap

Please meet Ceri and Deri... 

 "Ceri is a cat and Deri is a dog.

  Ceri has stripes and Deri has spots.
  They live in a small town near a big hill 
  and they do everything together.
  They are best friends."


"Ceri & Deri: Good to be Sweet"

by Max Low

* Ages:  5-6
* Grade Level:  PS-1
* Hardcover:  36 pages
* Publisher:  Starbright Books
* Pub. Date:  November 30, 2019
* Language:  English


The educational element makes them the perfect books for sharing in the classroom, while the stories themselves make for great read-at-home tales. Here the reader will get concepts like basic maths, telling the time, kindness and friendship. Completely enjoyable, gentle and engaging.’ Mary Esther Judy, bookseller

Unwrapping Some Illustration for You to Enjoy

Unwrapping the Story

Ceri & Deri are a brand new series of illustrated stories that kid's will delight in.  Ceri the cat and Deri the dog are fortunate enough to be very good friends.  One of their favourite places to haunt is Bryn's Sweet Shop.  Oh my... it is candy paradise!  Unfortunately they have no money to purchase any of the  candy so they just lovingly press their noses against the window and drool. 

Mr. Bryn comes out of the shop and offers the two some candy to share if they agree to take their noses off his window.  They heartily take his offer and quickly count out a total of 11 candies.  But how can you share 11 candies equally between two friends?  Dai the duck skateboards into the scene and claims that he would be more than happy to take the extra candy leaving an equal number for both Ceri and Deri to split between the two.  Then the fun begins...

Dai just keeps on munching the delectable candies that are dispensed to him by the generous givers and can you make a wild guess what happens?  

The illustrations are colourful, bright and expressive.  The book encourages sharing with others and its message is fun and relatable.  It is a wonderful introduction to the concepts of division and subtraction.  "Ceri & Deri": Good to Be Sweet" is great to read with younger kids and has an educational message to take away and discuss after the read.  I recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author/Illustrator

Max Low is a graduate of the Hereford School of Art in the United Kingdom. In 2017, he was shortlisted for the Penguin Random House Student Design Award and soon after started illustrating children’s books. Ceri and Deri: Good to be Sweet and Time for Clocks are Max’s first books as an author and illustrator. He lives in Abergavenny, Wales.

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