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"Hurry Home, Harriet: A Birthday Story" - a bookwrap

Oh no, no one has remembered Harriet's birthday! Does that stop her from celebrating her special day?  A  "happy birthday to me" celebration can be very lonely indeed....but does that stop her?  NO WAY!  She is determined to have her birthday happy anyway. This is Harriet's story!  


"Hurry Home, Harriet: A Birthday Story"
Authored and Illustrated by Lucy Bernard

* Ages: 2+
* Grade Level:  PS-1
* Paperback:  24 pages
* Publisher: QEB Publishing
* Pub. Date:  Feb. 18, 2020
* Language:  English

Beautifully illustrated, QEB’s Storytime series introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories. Featuring charming animal and human characters, the books explore important social and emotional themes like friendship, gratitude, perseverance, and overcoming fears. A Next Steps page at the back provides guidance for parents and teachers.

Unwrapping Some Fun Illustrations for You

Unwrapping the Story

This delightful story is about a little girl named Harriet who wakes up on the day of her birthday and discovers that none of her friends have remembered her special day.  It upsets her to think that they have forgotten but she is determined to make her day a happy one. 

"I'm going to make my own birthday lunch," she said to herself grumpily "I suppose if you want something done then you have to do it yourself."  

She bikes to the store and purchases some nice things for her lunch and a cake for one then hurries off home.  On the way she passes her friends who seem overly busy and don't even say happy birthday or want to chat to her which makes her even more grumpy.  How inconsiderate they are! 

When she finally pedals to her home she is blown away... all her friends didn't forget about her but are in her back yard ready to give her a birthday party extraordinaire!  Harriet was overjoyed that her good friends didn't forget her birthday and together they indulged in the best birthday lunch that a little girl could ever wish for.  Her birthday wish had come true... friends and their love are the best birthday gifts ever!   

This heartwarming book highlights the themes of friendship, kindness, caring and gratitude.  The illustrations are kid-friendly and full of detail and expression.  The story is simple to read and the author has provided a "Next Steps" page at the end of the book that provides guidance for parents, caregivers and teachers.   I recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the Author/Illustrator

  Lucy Barnard grew up in an artistic family and knew from an early age that she wanted to work in illustration. After graduating from the University of Plymouth with an illustration degree, Lucy worked in publishing for a time, before becoming a full-time illustrator and realizing her ambition of working on children’s books. She is the illustrator of Frog's Summer Journey and Rabbit's Spring Gift and the author and illustrator of several books in QEB's Storytime series, including Archie's Bag of TreasuresI'm Bigger Than YouBe Careful, Barney! and Squirrel's Big Day

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