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"Sasha and His Red Leash" - a bookwrap


Sasha and His Red Leash 

Written by Yossi Lapid
Illustrated by Joanna Pasek

* Ages:  2-7
* Grades:  PS-2
* Series:  The Secret Diary of a Lucky Pup
* Publisher:  Lapid Children's Books
* Pub. Date:  May 15, 2020
* Sold by Services LLC
* Language:  English


"Sasha is ...super cute. Kids will love him! ... This story is ...packed with the most adorable pictures ...Overall, this book is a ... little gem! I adore it!" - Briar's Reviews 

"... a paws-itivelywonderful picture book for younger readers" - Reedsy Reviews

"... a delightful story that teaches childrenhow to keep their pets safe... Children will enjoy the charm and humor of Sashaand His Red Leash." - Readers' Favorite

Unwrapping Some Beautiful Illustrations

The Book 

This is a delightful rhyming story with illustrations that are outstanding!  

Sasha, a very fortunate pup, loves his life but hates his dreaded red leash.  He secretly keeps a diary documenting all the ways he tries to dispose of it.  When out for walks with his owner Big Boss Bob his free-spirit and curiosity is hampered.  Their daily outings are full of exciting adventures but poor Sasha cannot fully participate in the fun because his despicable red leash always holds him back. How he longs to be free! 

He finally discloses his pent-up feelings to Big Boss who lovingly and wisely explains to his beloved canine the importance of being on a leash.  Big Boss tells him that the leash keeps him safe and protects him from any dangers that may harm him.  It really is a "leash of love" because his owner adores Sasha so much and wants him close by his side and safe.  Big Boss states:

"Sasha, here's the deal- 
We'll take it off when it's safe,
We'll put on when it's unsafe." 

The author then gives the reader choices to discern if Sasha is safe or unsafe in different scenarios.  

I love exuberant, sweet Sasha. I love the educative message of how to be a responsible pet owner and I dearly love the exceptional illustrations that bring the message of the book home.  "Sasha and His Red Leash" is Book # 1 in the new series " The Secret Diary of a Lucky Pup".  I highly recommend the book and look forward to book number 2.  

Storywraps Rating -  5 +++ HUGS!

Meet the Author

Yossi Lapid was born in a small town in Romania where toy stores were absent, but stories and snowmen were abundant. In 2016, he launched an award-winning children's book series titled "Snowman Paul". In July 2019, he launched a new book series titled "Yara's Rainforest" which teaches children that all living things on our beautiful planet depend on one another. Lapid holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has three children and lives with his wife Susan and a little dog named Sasha in New Mexico.

About the Illustrator

My name is Joanna, I'm freelance illustrator based in Poland. I've been working for many years for a publishing house specialising in educational books and computer science literature, doing mostly vector graphics and bitmap collages, until one day I decided to return to the basics: paper, pencils and paints. My first fairytale drawings were made just for fun; my hobby slowly turned into a job as I took part in several children's books projects.

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