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Jerome Roams From Home - Jerome Roams Back Home - a bookwrap


Jerome Roams From Home

Jerome Roams Back Home

Authored and Illustrated by Patricia Maness

* Ages:  3-6
* Grade Level:  PS-1
* Hardcover:  24 pages
* Publisher:  Big Tent Books
* Pub. Date:  January 1, 2011
* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations from Part 1:  Jerome Roams From Home

More Illustrations from Part 2: 
Jerome Roams Back Home 

The Book

This is a fun, rhyming, flip book which contains two stories in one book.  Jerome is an adorable RV who loves adventure and loves to get on the road and travel.  He sets off through hills and valleys observing the landscape and listening to the world around him.  The illustrations and font are homespun making the book endearing indeed.  This particular simple and basic style is an encouragement to kids that they too can write poetry, stories and illustrate books.  

The positive message is that it's great to discover and explore and it's always wonderful to come back home.  The dual story style will be a great hit with the kids I'm sure.  The book is short and sweet! 

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!

Meet the Author / Author

Writing children's books has been a dream of mine for years. I've had so many ideas and I'm so glad I wrote most of them down! I am a recently retired music teacher. I directed middle school and high school bands for over 36 years.
Jerome Roams From Home is the first of a series. The first "Jerome" illustrations and ideas began in the summer of 2005 when my husband Carl and I were on summer vacation in the Ozark Mountains on Tablerock Lake. We have been travelling in RVs(Recreational Vehicles) for nearly 20 years. Sitting out in the afternoons and just observing the different RVs made me look at each of them in a comical way and noticing each one had a character of their own. I started sketching the different types and personalities and naming them. Jerome the Motorhome was born.
The story begins with Jerome leaving home to travel and observe the different things he sees along the way.
I had started the book but stopped working on it for several years but in 2009, at the request of a former student of mine, I began reading required books to a 3rd grade inclusion class in South Georgia via webcam from my home in South Alabama before I left for school once a week. This teacher was looking for some different ways to motivate her students.
The webcam readings were a huge success and I was able to get to know the students well.
The idea of finishing my book and dedicating it to the class and teacher motivated me to finish the book that year and have Jerome roam to see them, read the finished unpublished book to the class and visit the next year to give one their on published copy!
The book Jerome Roams From Home not only is a journey about roaming from home and where he is going but it is also about what he sees and hears on the way. 
"With eyes wide open and using his ears, Jerome saw and heard all there was to see and hear!"

About the Author

Author Patricia Maness recently retired from teaching band for over 36 years throughout the South. In 1987, Patricia was Teacher of the Year for Nahunta Junior High in Nahunta, Georgia and again in 2010 for Ransom Middle School. For fun, Patricia loves to garden, read, listen to music and cook. She also loves spending time and traveling with her husband, Carl, in their motor home. As a Dye-Hard Auburn Fan, she enjoys SEC Football. Having a dream of writing children s books finally became a reality in 2010, when Jerome Roams from Home was published. Patricia is presently completing her sequel to Jerome Roams From Home and hopes to have it available in the near future.

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