Thursday, December 17, 2020

"This Poop Is Mine!' - a bookwrap





By Gusti
Translated by Cecilia Ross


* Ages:  6-8

* Grade Level:  1-3

* Page Count:  40 pages

* Publisher:  nubeOCHO

* Pub. Date:  Oct. 6, 2020

* Language:  English

Editorial Reviews

Teaching sharing to a potty-humor-loving reader, this book (originally published in Spanish as ¡Esta caca es mía!) is a perfect choice. ---Horn Book

Though the Argentine illustrator draws his light-skinned, anthropomorphic flies so casually that he sometimes forgets how many legs they’re supposed to have, he gives the pair stylish eyes that look like outsized sunglasses and comically irascible expressions (they’re still scowling even as they lie in bed holding hands in the penultimate scene). That ill humor adds a piquant whiff to a parable that falls otherwise on the bland side despite the redolent mise en scène.--- Kirkus

"(...) does offer a humorous look at the possibilities of collaboration even over unpleasantness. With its close up views of the pooper (a dog), the flies and the poop, the (watercolor and pen?) art is fun and unfussy, suiting the subject.---Youth Services Book Review

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for You

The Book

Kids will love this book.  They adore anything to do with body functions and will giggle and laugh their way through each page.  This story is about two flies that are warring over a fresh pile of doggie doo doo.  Lola spots it first and claims victory that it is all hers and plants a flag of ownership.  Along comes another fly, Fiona , who challenges her and declares that she is winner of the stinky pile. 

They battle and fling poop all day long each trying to declare victory over the other.  Finally when night in settling in they both are pooped out.  They paint a line down the middle and call a truce until morning when war will once again resume. 

The next morning along comes a Gardner, with big feet, and stomps right in the middle of the pile and obliterates the smelly mess.  Oh my!  The exhausted warriors decide enough is enough and the possessive nouns are changed from mine to ours.  Ahhhhh sharing, friendship and conceding are highlighted and the delightful illustrations are kid-friendly and filled with humour.  The book was originally written in Spanish and translated into English for kids of all ages.  I recommend this fun read.   

Storywraps Rating -  5 HUGS! 

Meet the Author/ Illustrator

An illustrator, animator and tireless traveler. He has illustrated several children’s books, such as The Elephant Caught in a Trap, The Grey Boy and Mallco & Papá, which won the Bologna Ragazzi award in the Disability category. His works have been published in more than 20 countries by publishers such as Gekken and Hachette.

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