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'" Let's Talk Baby" - a bookwrap



Let's Talk Baby

by Stephanie Ciatti


* Ages:  Baby +

* Board Book : 22 pages

* Publisher:  Ninewise Publishing

* Pub. Date:  October 14th, 2021

* Language:  English



"As a Pediatrician, I tell parents daily that reading to their child is one of the best ways to foster their language development. What is special about this series of books is that they start specifically with the very youngest child, focusing on early sounds and speech patterns. By reading Babble Books at the beginning of your child's life, you can help stimulate language development while establishing the delightful routine of daily reading." - Dr. Christina Englebert, MD

"Babble Books promotes speech development and is a great tool for early language exposure and literacy skills." -Molly Goetzinger, Early Childhood Educator 

"I decided to read Babble Books with a nonverbal 3 year old with autism. I was delighted when during our second reading, the student imitated several of the words and was clearly very excited." -Amy Spilski, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist 


"Love this book! With our first child, I didn’t devote much attention to his first sounds and words, but with our second, I found myself questioning if his speech development was on track. There isn’t a lot on the market to guide parents in this capacity. This book has been a lovely way to explore those first precious sounds and words, and I’ve loved seeing the progress over weeks and months. Also, the illustrations are so sweet! Great resource!" -Mindy Schroeder

"I bought this book when home with our newborn son. The book's language is concise, but very effective. I found myself memorizing the pages and using it to talk to the baby all the time, combining it with "regularly" talking to the baby. He found it very entertaining :) I definitely feel that it helped our baby vocalize when he was ready!" -Katherine Harvey

"We love this book! My 16 month old demands it every night before bed and my 3 yo loves to “read” it to him. My little guy loves to repeat every line after us! The illustrations are simple and beautiful- it gets my children to calm down before bedtime. One of our faves!" -Erin Trovillian

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for you

The Book 

This inspiring book will help you turn your baby's babble into actual words! It is the first book in a developmental appropriate series of language development books for infants and babies. This board book will help parents and caregivers support a baby's language development. Luckily the book offers tips from a professional speech language pathologist to help the process along.  

The watercolour illustrations are soft and adorable.  Babies will love the attention and interaction which will garner their success in word formations.  I recommend this book.  


Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Stephanie Ciatti is a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist. She holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association and has experience in a variety of settings including school, developmental clinic, and hospital.

In 2009, Ciatti worked with researchers at Marquette University on the Wisconsin Reading Acquisition Program. It was at this time that she discovered there were no quality baby speech development books available to parents, teachers, and therapists. This gap in the market became even more evident to Ciatti when she became a mom.

Ciatti developed Babble Books to target the earliest stages of speech development. Through use of Babble Books Let's Talk, Baby... parents can easily work on theirS baby's speech development and turn their babbles into words!

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