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"When I'm a Surgeon " - a bookwrap




                 When I'm a Surgeon: Dreaming is Believing: Doctor (Inspirational Careers for Kids) 

Authored by Samantha Pillay
Illustrated by Harry Aveira


* Ages:  4-8 years

* Grade Level:  PS-3

* Hardcover:  36 pages

* Publisher:  Page Flip

* Pub. Date:  July 27, 2021

Language:  English

Editorial Reviews

"After learning about surgery from books and practising appendicectomies on my toy panda, I declared my intention to become a surgeon at age eight. This delightful book will surely set alight another child's passion for a fulfilling surgical career."

  • Professor Averil Mansfield CBE FRCS FRCP

"I wholeheartedly agree with Samantha. How often are we told you"can't have it all" and that women in surgery have to choose between motherhood and surgery? I have the privilege of taking care of vulnerable people and being a mother to 6 amazing individuals."

  • Professor Fiona Wood AM FRCS FRACS

"According to my mother, I declared my intention to be a surgeon at age four, and there are probably many other little girls who have the same dreams. I hope this charming book with beautiful illustrations will inspire the next generation of surgeons."

  • Dr Susan Pories FACS, Chair Women in Surgery, American College of Surgeons

"This book highlights the wonderful opportunities a surgical career provides, the ability to make a difference, and how it fits with family life."

  • Dr Sally Langley FRACS, President, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

"As the current President of the nearly 4000-member international organization, the Association of Women Surgeons, I am happy to endorse this delightful book, "When I'm a Surgeon".  WIAS is beautifully illustrated and features warm and encouraging text from Dr. Samantha Pillay.  Dr. Pillay is the first woman to have trained as a Urologist in Australia; and, as a woman of color in a predominantly white and malefield, she is an inspiration as both an author and a successful practicing surgeon and business woman. For all these reasons, this lovely book is a must-read for any child interested in surgery."

  • Professor Marie Crandall MPH FACS, President, Association of Women Surgeons

"It is said you can't be what you can't see. 'When I'm a Surgeon' gives girls a powerful and compelling vision for their future professional lives. It plants the seed of ambition and makes opportunity tangible." 

  • Jane Danvers, Principal, Wilderness School

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for you



The Book   

This is a delightful book that will inspire kids to dream and to believe that their dream can come true.  It is part of: Inspirational Careers for Kids ( book 1 ).  A little girl aspires to be a surgeon.  The book highlights different elements of a surgeon's career that is understandable to kids and extremely interesting.  Kids can raise money for charity and engage in imaginative play.  The book shows that even young kids can care for others.  

The after-hour surgeon can travel the world, do public speaking and train others in the profession. Girls are not exempt from becoming exemplary mothers too!  The message of the book is positive and is a call to action to set goals and follow through until they are successfully completed.  

"Dr. Samantha Pillay, surgeon and role-model, is no stranger to overcoming adversity.  She finished school at age sixteen, after starting school in a wheelchair.  She believes 'once children have a vision and believe I their goals-anything is possible.' A must-read for the next generation of leaders."  I highly recommend "When I'm a Surgeon." 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author


Surgical training takes commitment and determination. I hope to inspire young girls to find the passion required to pursue a rewarding career in surgery. 

Misconceptions about a surgical career, when combined with parenting, have contributed to low rates of female surgeons, increasing from 4 to 14% in twenty years, despite 50% female medical students in Australia. 

Following an English tradition, male surgeons in Australia have been called Mister, dating back to early surgeons not holding a medical university doctorate. This distinction became a status symbol to distinguish surgeons from their medical doctor colleagues. This tradition only adds to the confusion for female surgeons retaining the doctor title, who struggle to be identified as the surgeon in the medical team. 

I am proud to feature two iconic South Australian buildings in this book. The Royal Adelaide Hospital (since rebuilt) is where my father and I trained. The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) building is home to about 700 researchers collaborating nationally and internationally. 

Being a surgeon creates opportunities beyond society's perceptions of the traditional role. I am grateful for developing skills beyond my expectations. Operating on someone to help them is a wonderful privilege, yet being a surgeon is so much more than that. 

I believe that the advantages for surgical mums outweigh the sacrifices.Surgery has taught me communication, leadership, wisdom, judgment, financial literacy, stress management, decision- making under pressure, teaching and training others, and handling a crisis - often in the middle of the night. What better training is there for a parent?


About the Illustrator


Aveira has been working closely with many major companies from all over the world. I provide digital art design, development and production of professional quality with a timeline. I am professional artists and illustrators have worked in the comic books, children story book and animation asset’s. I will deliver your project with quality artwork, workmanship and delivery on time and within budget.



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