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The Not-So-Friendly Friend: How to set boundaries for healthy friendships - a bookwrap



The Not-So-Friendly Friend: How To Set Boundaries for Healthy Friendships 

Authored by Christina Furnival

Illustrated by Katie Dwyer


* Ages:  5-8

* Grade Level:  K-3

* Hardcover:  46 pages

* Publisher:  PESI Publishing, Inc.

* Pub. Date:  Sept. 12, 2021

* Language:  English

Editorial Reviews

“Being aware of our feelings is a building block for our emotional and social intelligence. In this charming and creative book, Christina Furnival offers children a way to sense and shape their emotions that emerge in the important friendships that shape who we are now, and who we will become later on in our lives.”
―Daniel J. Siegel, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Developing Mind, Parenting from the Inside Out, and The Whole Brain Child

The Not-So-Friendly Friend is a recipient of the prestigious Gold Award from Mom's Choice Awards®

Unwrapping Some Illustrations for you



                            The Book


This book is all about setting boundaries and feeling safe and comfortable around the friends that you choose.  It will help your children to deal with bullies and empower them not to be afraid but to stand up for themselves and confront those who are mistreating them. It gives a child permission to take control of the bullying and not be subjugated to ridicule or meanness.  

The book teaches the value of setting boundaries so that friendships are healthy and happy experiences.  Sharing the book, wrapped up in meaningful conversations, this truth will become a source of wisdom, giving your child self-confidence and emotional well-being all through life's journey. I am sure many adults can benefit from the inspiring and positive message also. 

The illustrations are expressive and the rhyming text will engage your child until the very last page.  The book's mission is to: "help children  to know that they are not alone in their struggles.  It offers practical and manageable tips, shares evidence-based guidance and information, teaches and normalizes how to process feelings, supports positive mental health in our youth, and encourages meaningful conversations with trusted adults."  

The Not-So-Friendly Friend is a recipient of the prestigious Gold Award from Mom's Choice Awards®.  I highly recommend this book and think it would be a perfect asset to a classroom and elementary school library. 


Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Christina Furnival is the author of the "Capable Kiddos" series, a collection of social-emotional children's books that support children to overcome challenges, develop life skills, and thrive. Christina's books, informed by both her personal experience as a parent as well as her 10+ years of experience in the mental health field as a licensed psychotherapist (LPCC), give children the language and knowledge to grow in social-emotional learning. And her books don't just focus on the child, they provide parents, teachers, and therapists tools to best help them support their children.

Passionate about emotional wellbeing, Christina empowers parents and children in all her work. It is her goal to support and equip parents and children to understand themselves better, navigate challenges confidently, and live their best life! In addition to being an author, she is a therapist, speaker, and writer for her blog, Real Life Mama, found at

Based in San Diego with her Scottish husband, and two wonderful and wild children, Christina adores time with her family at the beach, walking trails, and having outrageous dance parties in the kitchen.

Christina loves connecting with her readers and welcomes you to reach out to her through her website, email, or social media accounts. 

About the Illustrator

Katie Dwyer is a picture book illustrator with a passion for making her art bring stories to life in the imagination of children. "When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading your whole life does." - Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail"

She lives in Asheville, NC with her husband, 3 wild little boys, and 2 kittens. Her favorite things are iced matcha lattes with oat milk, The Office, reading in a cozy blanket on rainy days, museums, and movies.

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